5 Villains Everyone Hates to Love

by Jeniffer Leio Excutive

Whenever we watch any movie or web series, we often get connected to lead roles and start liking them. The characters playing lead roles in the films or web series are featured with having high moral values fighting to save humanity and the people in distress, which really attracts us. On the contrary, villains are characterized as the evilest people on the earth, creating problems and damaging the lives of innocent people. However, there are some villains we all like a lot and can’t stop admiring and adoring them. The list of these villains is long who has stolen the heart of people and compelled them to respect them even though having malicious and spiteful intentions. Here are some villains who deserve appreciation for making their roles lively.

5 Villains Everyone Hates to Love


The character of Beetlejuice earned a great name and admiration of people all over the world. This character is a mix of fun and horror who always busy creating troubles for the family of Deetz. Despite being his spiteful nature, which could be seen in the movie, he is liked by the people. Beetlejuice is a very Crooke and rude ghost who does disgusting things such as invading in the personal space of people’s lives, spitting on his own clothes along with giving frightening gestures.


Even though Predator is very much hideous and terrifying still, he loves to give a sporting chance to his prey. He has a wicked smile and used to wear masks along with having massive weapons to destroy the human race. He kills the people so he could keep their skull in his spaceship, but Predator is liked by the people for his malicious and evil intentions.

The Outcasts(The Final)

The villains termed as Outcasts are a group of people who became the victims of bullying and oppression by their school mates during the high school days. These victims are now all set to take revenge with the culprits who ruined their precious years by abusing them. When you see these villains in the movie, we feel sympathy for them. It is interesting to watch these victimized characters in this thriller movie. So, you can enjoy and even relate your college days with some incidents of this movie.


The main, who is Dracula himself, has immense supernatural powers, and he is extremely physically active. He has some weaknesses also as he can’t bear holy water and hate crucifixes. He can transform other people into a vampire by biting them, and he is a threat to science and human existence. This villain has gained much popularity among the people.

Hannibal Lecter

This character has really won the heart of millions of people all over the world and so could be termed as highly infectious. He is one of the most enigmatic villains of the history of TV series. This character also has high-level mannerisms and upper-class characters. You will love to see this maroon eyed villain with serrated teeth who performs plastic surgery on his own face to terrify the people.

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