5 Types Of Glass That Can Be Used In Double Glazed Units to Increase Performance

by Rory Bainton Marketing Manager
Double glazed windows are known to be energy efficient due to the ability to trap heat between the 2 layers of glass fitted in a frame. This reduces the consumption of energy by heating and cooling systems of the house by 15%. The credit of this feat goes to the inert gas argon that is filled in between the empty space between the glasses. 

Apart from this, technologies are being innovated to make the systems even more efficient. There is one more way to increase the performance of units with double glazing in Dandenong. That is the kind of glass being used in it.

There are a variety of glasses available in the marketplace that can increase the overall benefits of installing double glazed units in a property.

Read more to know about what type of glass can be used and the specific functionality they offer.

1. Clear: It is a normal everyday glass that is manufactured by the regular glass making process of melting sand, soda ash, dolomite and limestone together at a very high temperature. Then the annealing process is used to make the glass fit to be cut and this increases its potential mechanical resistance. This type of glass is good for optical clarity and flatness. It is available in clear, toughened, tinted and Low E coats.

2. Laminated: Laminated glass is formed by 2 pieces of glass bonded together by resin or plastic interlayer. The feature that makes laminated glass a safety glass is that it holds together from shattering even after impact. What holds it together is the interlayer that is polyvinyl butyral (PVB). Hence, in the event of breaking, layers of laminated glass remain bonded and prevent the glass from breaking up into sharp pieces. This produces the famous “spider web” cracking pattern. This characteristic of laminated glass with double glazing in Dandenong reduced the chances of serious injury and hence qualify this glass as a Grade A Safety Glass as per the Australian standards.

Apart from this, laminated glass has other properties which makes it a popular choice among home and property owners. 

  • It absorbs 99% UV rays thereby protecting the furnishings against fading. 
  • The interlayer between the 2 layers of glass dampens the sound. Hence it has a noise control feature too.
  • Because of its anti-shattering property, the glass will hold together even after impact making it difficult to penetrate the laminated glass.

3. Toughened: Toughened or tempered glass is another good choice because it is four to five times stronger than normal glass. It is also a safety glass that is subjected to many chemical and controlled thermal treatments to increase its durability and strength. Like laminated glass, toughened glass to have an interesting breakage characteristic. Due to being tempered, the internal stresses cause the glass, upon impact,  to break into smaller granular pieces instead of jagged shards. This again prevents serious damage and injury. You can contact the nearest glass dealer to know about the right double glazing unit in Ringwood.

4. Tinted: This type of glass can be toughened, laminated or used in an insulating unit. When used for insulation purposes in the double glazed unit, it is coated with a special metal coating called Low E coat from one side while manufacturing. Low E means low emissivity. The Low E coat enables the tinted glass to reduce the heat or cold transfer, thus keeping the house warmer in winter and cooler in summers. This help in saving energy to a great extent. The tinted glass of double glazing units in Ringwood has a wide variety of uses like solar heat reduction, UV protection, privacy, safety and security, heat retention and decorative purposes. Because of its all-purpose feature, this glass is high in demand and soon become a standard to comply with.

5. Argon filled units: Double glazed windows is an insulating unit used in windows. The insulation is facilitated by an inert gas called Argon filled between 2 or more layers of glass. Because this gas is denser than air, it blocks the transfer of heat, cold and noise through the window making it an excellent temperature and noise control device.

Bottom line

According to reports, an average Australian spends a lot more on energy bills than anything else. The credit goes to the extreme Australian weather conditions. Therefore, these double glazing units in Dandenong can offer a great 2-way solution to save money by becoming energy-efficient.

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