5 Types of Alcoholics & Treatment with Psychology Gold Coast

by Sonu Parashar Digital Marketing Professional

Alcoholism is one of the major problems that affect the health, personal, and social lives of many. Do you know alcoholics are categorized into categories? Studies found that they are five subtypes of alcoholics. Treatment of them is varied depending on their alcoholic nature. They are categorised considering their age and the age when they started drinking. It is also based on the family history of alcoholism and mental-health condition.


Young Adult Alcoholics

More than 30% of people fall into the category that is the largest single group. In this category, Young minds of the age of around 19 start drinking casually. They develop alcohol dependence early 24. The group of people faces metal health conditions, moderate substance abuse disorders and can have a family history of alcoholism. Their education is much affected. Even they know it can spoil their future, they find hard to get rid of alcoholism. 


Functional Alcoholics

Around 19% of alcoholics fall in the category. The group alcoholics are middle-aged persons who may develop alcohol dependence by the age of around 37. They hold down their relationships and jobs. They may suffer from moderate depression. Some in this group smoke and some have substance use disorders. Around 60% of the group is male. Many of them are married and are educated. They are less likely to face legal problems related to drinking. 


Intermediate Familial Subtype

These alcoholics tend to start drinking at a young age of 17 and develop alcohol dependence before 32. They can suffer from an anti-social personality disorder, depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. They are more likely addicted to smoking, cocaine, and marijuana. 


Young Antisocial Alcoholics 

Around 20% of alcoholics fall in the category. The group tends to start drinking at their 15 and become addicted by the age of 18. Many of them in the group suffers from an anti-social personality disorder. The group has the highest rate of substance abuse disorder. 


Chronic Severe Alcoholics

Around 9% of alcoholics fall in the group who starts drinking at an early age of 15 and gets addicted by the age of 29 or so. They have a family history of alcoholism. They suffer from an anti-social personality disorder. They suffer from various mental and health-related issues. 



Most of them go for treatment when they become addicted and start affecting their social and personal lives. Treatment for these individuals starts with detoxification in the rehab. Clinical psychologists work closely with the rehab to make the treatment successful. 


According to psychology on Gold Coast, what you think and how you think about alcohol addiction matters a lot. Psychotherapy does for the mind what detoxification does for the body. Cognitive behavioural therapy works effectively. It works on what you think and how to control when you get the urge of drinking. It works on thoughts, emotions, physical feelings and behaviour. The treatment goes for a long time even after the rehabilitation program ends. Psychologists aim that the person doesn’t start drinking again. So, visiting the psychologist twice or thrice times in a year is necessary. 

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