5 Tricks To Dance Better

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Dance is a form of art that is not only loved by many but also an inspiration to them. Dance is a feeling that can be expressed through the movement of the body. There is no specific technique to follow in dance except it should come directly from the heart. Dance also acts as a stress reliever and one can choose dance as a career option too. Millennials nowadays are too busy to make it to classes hence we are listing a few tips and tricks which might help one improve their dance skills and get into the groove.

Stretching: Stretching is something dancers do before starting every session. Stretching will improve dancing as it increases body flexibility and range of motion. People usually complain of body ache or muscle cramps while dancing because they often go overboard with it for which their body is not prepared. Flexing helps open up the body and it avoids any minor injury which could happen at the time of dancing. Stretching also warms up the dancer’s body helping him/her move more freely and fluidly.

Muscle memory or Conditioning: Muscle memory means doing a movement over and over again without having to think about it. Dancers are like athletes so they need to have that dedication and consequently be strong enough as dance requires strength too. Muscle memory, like in sports, enables a dancer to take quick movement-based decisions which bring more fluidity to the performance.

Review and Train during the spare time: The best technique to learn dancing is to keep practicing. We often come across people who are good at a particular step and the way they do, no one else can. This happens only when one does it again and again until they are flawless. One should train himself/ herself in spare time and keep reviewing old pieces until they are unbeatable at it. There should always be an eye for perfection when it comes to performing arts like dance and music. 

Watch Videos: With technology advancing with every passing day, everything we imagined to be out of reach has now been made available at a drop of a hat. One can look up for guidance on Youtube and watch videos that might help them achieve exposure and perfection. One might also subscribe to online tutorials on dance styles and techniques in order to improvise on their pre-existing dance skills.  

Look for Inspiration: There are people we see and get inspired. Dancers like Michael Jackson, Shakira, Prabhudeva, Hritik Roshan are among the few well-known people who inspire many dancers. One should look for such inspiration in their lives. Every passionate soul has inspiration whom he/she looks up to. Watching great people excel in their respective fields, makes us want to strive harder and put in those extra hours in practice. Hence, looking for inspiration is key in following one’s passion.

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