5 Tips to Uplift Your Score in the IELTS Test

by Mitzie Brueeissen Professional Expert

IELTS an acronym for the International English Language Testing System, it is a worldwide conducted examination that is taken by a candidate to test their English language skills. IELTS exam is conducted to test candidates on four different grounds. Four different grounds are comprised of: speaking, writing, reading and listening. IELTS is tough to crack but not impossible, remember that! It takes hard work and hours of preparation to make your way towards an English speaking foreign land. In this blog, I am going to discuss some of the best tips that you should try to ace the IELTS exam in Singapore. 

#1 Make sure you’re working on vocab

 Experts say if you know how to put proper words in the context then you are there, you have a better knowledge of the English language. And, this is possible by reading frequently.


“Have strong command on the vocabulary, make sure you mark those words which are unknown to you and find their meaning later on with the help of a dictionary. Doing this helps you put a better word to support your context” says an English language expert at IELTS Singapore, which is administered by Jamboree Education - a pioneer prep-institution that helps candidates crack the IELTS test and much more.


You should read, listen and watch some of the challenging English language materials (new, movies, documentaries, magazines). This allows you to get exposed to new words which you haven't heard in your life before but they are there in the English dictionary for sure. Now you have some sense of new words, start using them frequently regularly. This will help you speak English more fluently than ever.


#2 Read, read and read

Make sure you've some credible English-English dictionary (such as Oxford and others). Read enough and find out new words that are hurting you immediately find their meaning from that dictionary and one thing, make sure you don't translate it in your language. As they say, IELTS is all about English, English, and English!


#3 Work on your writing skills

Working out on your English writing skills is one of the most important aspects of your IELTS preparation. You should know at least four to five synonyms for different words. For this, you can just record words as a consistent part of your English lessons. Compose both the definition and a sentence using the word on a file card that you can check later for reference. 

Suppose there is the word "immense," which means tremendous but there are other different words that are fascinating having the same meaning as colossal, enormous, etc. So, make sure you jolt down different words that sound fascinating when it goes in a context but has the same meaning.


#4 Practice fluency and pronunciation

As a test-taking candidate, you should know the speaking component of IELTS test Singapore is divided into three different parts: structured interview, a short talk, and free interview. You will likely be asked on 2 to 3  familiar topics which will last long for 4-5 minutes. So, prepare yourself for a 2-3 minute talk with fluent English and pronunciation. You will be given a time 1 minute to get ready for the discussion. 

Be ready to give a talk for 2 minutes in the brief talk section. You will be provided 1 minute to get ready for your discussion. The whole section will take 3 to 4 minutes. Consistent practice on your English speaking is all it takes. Give it your best shot.


#5 Strong command on your listening skills

As a practice measure, you can hear English news, write them down in your notebook and analyze them later on. However, here are some things that you need to do to ace the listening section of the IELTS test.


Must-Do Things

      Utilize preparation time in thinking about the task content and focus.

      Make sure you check the instructions carefully and know what to do.

      Listen again post checking your answer, and try to work out the cause to the problem you were facing


How to improve?

      Don’t pause the CD when you’re practicing because you only hear the recording once on the test day. Make sure you get everything at once while listening to the recording.


So, that's it! These were some of the tips which I wanted to share with everyone out there curious to score high in the IELTS test.  Focus, hard work, determination and practice nothing more and you're there. Just in case you're struggling in any manner with your IELTS preparation, I would suggest you enroll yourself with Jamboree Education. They're the best in the business with over 26 years of experience in the field of test-preparation.

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