5 tips for choosing the best CBD wholesaler!

by Samuel Jones Marketing Manager

CBD has completely changed the medical world. The naturally occurring substance is especially popular these days due to its amazing health benefits. Whether it is treating the symptoms of anxiety or different kinds of pain, it has been proven to do it all. Moreover, doctors have also started prescribing it to treat different types of issues in pets as well, such as separation anxiety.

While these were the benefits of CBD from the health perspective, there is another reason why it is one of the most sought-after supplement these days. It is from a business point of view. As you might have noticed, the CBD industry is growing at a very high rate in the U.S. It grossed $600 million just in 2018, and business experts only expect it to grow from now on.  

Though this is quite an excellent opportunity for people who are looking to enter the CBD industry, one risk that is associated with a high-growth market is getting a poor deal. If you don't research or get the right information beforehand, you might end up with low quality or even illegal CBD products. It is imperative that you choose the right CBD wholesaler.

Following are five tips which will help you in making a decision when selecting the right CBD wholesaler:

High-quality product:

Considering the popularity of CBD wholesalers, there are a lot of people who might leverage it in the wrong way. People are selling low-quality products in the name of CBD. They are using different methods to extract it, and that is precisely why there is such a vast variety of CBD products and difference in their prices.

To make sure you get a high-quality product, ensure that it should be full spectrum. The most significant difference between a full spectrum and CBD isolates is that the former contains a variety of beneficial cannabinoids such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, etc. while the latter contains just CBD. In short, choosing a full-spectrum product will provide better results to your customers.

Regular testing:

Testing the product you are going to provide to your customers should always be your priority. After all, it will be the customers using your product, and your business's success depends on how satisfied they are after using your product.

Reliable CBD wholesalers will have each batch of CBD products tested for quality, potential contaminants, and cannabinoid levels. You can also ask a third party to check whether the results are accurate or not.  

Free of THC:

If you are looking to buy something that caters to a whole family, then there is nothing better than buying bulk CBD oil. But make sure to look for an oil that is free of THC. If you aren’t aware, THC is also one of the cannabinoids plants found in hemp. Though CBD doesn’t produce high effects, THC does. It is a psychoactive compound.

The biggest reason why people do not separate THC from CBD oil is that it is an expensive procedure. So when you are looking for a CBD product, you might come across the same situation where you will have to pay more for a product to remove THC from it. Always remember that the cost you are going to bear beforehand will be better than your customers complaining about your product producing mind-altering effects.

The fifth P, packaging:

Though people might consider packaging a small factor when it comes to choosing CBD product wholesale, it plays a substantial role in the consumers' buying decision. If the packaging of your CBD product is very plain and simple, chances are the customer will end up not buying it. Similarly, if the packaging is too over-the-top, customers will deem it too confusing and not buy it.

This is why you need to package your CBD product, keeping in mind the target market. For example, if you plan to serve your CBD product to children, such as CBD gummy bears, then choose a packaging that is colorful and vibrant.

Customer service test:

Another important tip for choosing the best CBD wholesaler is to check the reputation of the wholesaler. You can easily do it by picking up the phone and calling the CBD wholesaler company. Prepare your questions beforehand and then ask them. If they cannot answer on the phone, ask them their email address and send your questions to it.

A good wholesale company will not take more than 24 hours to reply to you. If it takes more than that, try looking for a different CBD products wholesale company. Considering the low-quality CBD products people are selling these days, customer service is important in helping you distinguish between the good CBD wholesale company and the shady ones.

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