5 Signs that are telling you that may be your body needs physiotherapy

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Well, some of us think that Physiotherapy is a treatment only for athletes and for those who are recovering from injury. But in reality, physiotherapy is used to develop health in many ways. there are many physiotherapy clinic in Delhi and also in many places all around the India. so, below we have said about 5 signs that you may need physiotherapy.

1   Loss of balance: it can be because of an issue with your inner ear.  A physiotherapy, named vestibular rehabilitation can help you to overcome this issue.

2  Getting pain at your desk: this is common problem of many. While sitting at desk for all day, they are feeling pain. It is happening because you are sitting in one posture. So, you can talk with a physiotherapist and you can get to know about better posture when you are at work. You need to also make sure that the desk is correctly set up.

3   Feeling constant pain: it is expected to feel pain when you are suffering an injury. But sometimes the pain does not settle as you expected. A physiotherapist can ease the suffering and also helps you to get back to your best.

Cannot move easily: you are noticing that nowadays you are not able to move easily. A physiotherapist can help you to assess the issue and will provide some exercises. These are going to increase your flexibility slowly.

5   Urinating uncontrollably: the urine’s uncontrolled passing is a very common problem. This problem is more common for women rather than men. And as we grow older, it becomes more likely. But this does not indicate that we need to live with it. The two types of urinary incontinence are urge incontinence and stress incontinence. So, to improve this condition you can do pelvic floor exercise and it will be best if you contact a therapist for support. 
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