5 Signs Of Exhaust Problem

by Jacksons M. Auto Repair Garage in Northampton

Is your Exhaust exhausted? The exhaust exists to eradicate the toxic fumes and gaseous elements from you vehicle. Check for these 5 signs for problems concerning your exhaust system:

1) Rotting Eggs Benedict

So you live in Rotherham and love Eggs Benedict for breakfast, but the smell from the exhaust has spoiled your appetite. Well, the reason can be Hydrogen Sulphide which smells like rotten eggs. Sulphur is usually converted to Sulphur Dioxide and is odourless. If the filtering coating has become defunct then this conversion process does not take place. An alternate reason for this rotting smell could be the clogged catalytic converter. Woefully, converter can only be replaced and not repaired.

Another sign could be fuel filter.

2) Watch Your Fuel Filter!

By the time the fuel filter gets clogged with abundant residue stuck on it, its absorbent quality will have degraded significantly. Experts advocate substitution of fuel filter every 30,000 miles (or 50,000 kilometres) for vehicles driven on petrol; for vehicles driven on diesel it will differ. The designs that have fuel filter installed in the fuel tank have a potential life of 100,000 miles (161,000 km approximately). Dirt blocking the way for the filtration process will hamper the process. Checking the car maintenance manual/record will be a prudent decision before opening up the filter. The modern car models consume limited fuel when inactive, but sometimes the spark plug can be responsible for Exhaust System problems.

3) No Spark

No ignition under the car bonnet could be an indication to replace the spark plug. Igniting the air and fuel mix is the responsibility born by a spark plug. It has the life of around 100,000 miles but experts advice to have it replaced in the vicinity of 80,000 miles (130,000 km). High performance spark plug needs replacement more often due to electrode abrasion .

Next time you replace the spark plug, replace it with one made out of iridium or platinum.

4) Beats in the Exhaust

Hear the exhaust sound. Is the noise when revving up the engine louder than what you are accustomed to? An exhaust that is rendering these warning signs through noise should be checked thoroughly. There could be a number of reasons why the exhaust system is trying to break into an opera but do not opt for DIY solutions in this case.

Inspect the exhaust for a leak or cracks. If no such signs are found, we recommend examining the gasket as well. If the gasket heats up and cools down frequently, we recommend you visit a professional.

5) There is a LEAK!

Does your gas pedal vibrate? If it does then there could be a leakage in the exhaust pipe. This is the foremost sign that an exhaust pipe require servicing. Even miniscule leakage will create vibrations in your vehicle. To ignore such vibrations is a strict no-no!

The leakage will also reduce your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Despite there not being any noticeable leakage in the exhaust system, an expert’s inspection can still expose the loose parts. These small leakages will cut short the life of the exhaust system.

We recommend having your vehicle examined by a professional. For best exhaust service Nothampton book an appointment with Jackson MOT or drop by at our centre nearest to you.

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