5 Signs of Chronic Neck Pain and When to Visit a Pain Management Center

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If you are experiencing an acute pain in the neck for a few weeks now and it is constant even after several remedies at home, you should definitely think about some chronic neck pain treatment. This article talks about a few major symptoms of chronic neck pain and when to consult a doctor. Continue reading to know more.

Neck pain or a cervical pain is a common health problem for many of us which we go through on a day to day basis. However, most cases of neck pain usually go away within a day or two or a maximum of one week. But, if it persists any longer than that, you might want to seek some chronic neck pain treatment.

There are so many different factors that contribute to neck pain such as any strain on the neck, injury such as whiplash (whiplash is a condition where there’s a sudden back and forth movement by the head or the neck which is mostly caused in cases of vehicle accidents), poor posture of the neck for a longer period (ex- cradling mobile phone), a pinched nerve, poor sleeping position and so on. Besides, there are many lifestyle habits that could potentially result in the dysfunctioning of your neck.

There are a few self-care hacks that you can try at home -

     Massage - You can try rubbing the affected area with light hands to reduce and relieve muscle spasms.

     Stretching - Bend your neck to the right shoulder and then to the left shoulder carefully a few times in a day.

     Heat/Ice - Try applying an ice pack for a few minutes every day two to three times or take a hot shower to eliminate muscle strain and relax them.

     Lifestyle changes - Stop cradling that phone every time you need to be on it while chopping vegetables, working on laptop or taking care of your baby. Relax your neck as often as you can by doing a little neck exercise. And most importantly, choose the right pillow to crash on. 

But there are severe cases of neck pain which get to the point of being chronic and serious resulting in excruciating pain later on. How to identify serious neck problems and know when to seek medical attention? Read ahead to find out -

     When it gets worse even after the self-care - If you feel your pain getting worse every time you apply heat or ice, massage on your own or do a few exercises, chances are you are either doing them wrong or they are not working for you. In such cases, it is highly recommended to stop and seek medical help right away.


     A persistent stiff neck - Stiffness in the neck must not bother daily activities such as sleep. If you find it difficult to sleep with a stiff neck for a while now and every morning wake up with a worse condition, then you know it's time to pay a visit to the doctor.


     When it doesn’t go away even after several weeks - Any acute neck problem usually takes a few days or a week to go away with a little bit of exercise and medication at home, but it must worry you when it has been several weeks and it still is bothering you on and off. Chances are the pain is chronic and requires urgent medical attention from a proficient pain management center at the earliest.


     Difficulty in lifting objects - Lifting objects is a common daily activity that should not be bothered by a neck pain. If it abstains you from lifting objects that you otherwise do very easily, then you might want to see a doctor as soon as possible.


     Sports Injury - Sports injuries can be very unpredictable and leave a chronic risk even if it doesn’t hurt much initially. Hence, it is always recommended to go to the best pain management doctors as soon as the injury takes place

Most of the neck problems are usually acute and go away on their own but there are a few cases like mentioned above where you must seek medical attention. Besides neck pain, there are severe back pain treatments in Delhi available for those of you suffering it. Hence, never shy away from seeking medical help and compromise with your physical well-being.

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