5 Reasons Why You Must Have Pinterest In Your Marketing Strategy

by Cacey Taylor Affiliate Marketer
5 Reasons Why You Must Have Pinterest In Your Marketing Strategy

Pinterest is a social network on the Internet. Pinterest allows you to share, curate and discover things all over the Internet. The idea behind Pinterest is not new. However, it caught up the fancy of over 20 million users that have been using this new platform for an average of 410 minutes a month.

The year 2012 was the coming of age of Pinterest as it finally proved its worth. It has shown that it can drive traffic to websites which made it the darling of Internet marketers. Any business that relies on heavy traffic will surely benefit from using Pinterest. That is why a lot of marketers have been using Pinterest as part of the marketing strategy. In fact, early studies show that Pinterest has the potential to drive traffic to business websites better than Facebook. In 2012, Pinterest has outlasted Yahoo in driving organic traffic while it periodically beat Twitter in driving referral traffic to websites.

A leading eyeglass retailer has reported that 11 percent of their traffic is generated from Pinterest. Blogs which essentially are small businesses had more success when they start pinning their content on Pinterest. The numbers could go on and on and try to convince you why you must have Pinterest in your marketing mix.

It converts leads into sales. Like in any social media, Pinterest offers a myriad of activities that you can do. One of the things you can do in relation to marketing. The goal in this activity is to increase brand awareness to attract leads, which in turn can be converted into sales. If you are able to drive traffic to your site, chances are your audience will get acquainted with your products which can either lead to a sale or intent to buy. This is especially useful for business to business set up.

Gather intelligence about your buyers. Pinterest is great in getting to know who your customers are. It is a great tool to understand the needs and interest of your target customers. You can do this by viewing the pinboards of your customers to understand what the interests of your customer are.

Position as an industry thought leader. Position your Pinterest account as a thought leader. Make your boards as the primary source for information related to your industry. For example, if you are a furniture manufacturer pin awesome pictures of the latest trends in furniture design. You can also feature pins from other furniture industry movers and shakers so that your board will become the one-stop for information and resource about furniture. The board will be in the best position to draw customers towards your site because what you recommend is the trendiest furniture in the industry at that moment in time.

It can position events for your site. You can use Pinterest to position the buzz for your events. Pinterest is a great way to drumbeat events that are related to your business. You can also use Pinterest to feature how your furniture is being built.

It showcases your business personality. Pinterest allows your customers to take a peek at your business’ personality. You can showcase about your business culture through Pinterest.

Indeed, Pinterest affords business to have an effective call to action. It is about finding ways to make Pinterest fit for your business’ marketing needs. Once you get to make this work for you, the potential knows no bounds.

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RitaAnn~ E. Advanced   Online Girl
Hi Casey, nice article.

Personally I was using Pinterest for my peronal mind mapping experience as well as having a business account.

All my personal information as well as credit card info. is in that account.

Several years ago my account was hacked. This is affecting my social media accounts also.

I've contacted Pinterest on several occassions with no help or solution to the problem.

It's more than concerning that I cannot get into my own account and the customer service has never done anything to help resolve the problem.

I just thought I'd give you a heads up on the problem I'm having in hopes others will not have the same problems.

Oct 2nd 2019 22:05   
Cacey Taylor Committed  Affiliate Marketer
Your very welome Rita Ann thank you for taking the time to read it. Congrats on your success with Pinterest
Oct 3rd 2019 01:02   
Income MARKETING Opportunities Professional   EZWORKSYSTEMS
Indeed, Pinterest affords business to have an effective call to action. knows no bounds...
showcases your business - You can use Pinterest to feature your business - an industry leader. industry movers and shakers, draw customers your target customers. You can do this... The goal to drive traffic to your site, start pinning your content on Pinterest - Like any social media, must have Pinterest in your marketing mix,
Dec 11th 2019 05:28   
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