5 Reasons We Should Wear Sunscreen

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Sunscreens are a very important part of our skincare regime. It must be applied daily as it keeps our skin protected against harmful ultraviolet radiation and makes it look healthy. Some of the ways in which it benefits our skin are discussed in this article.

Sunrays benefit our health in several ways. It is a rich source of vitamin D, a nutrient that is responsible for making our bones strong. It also helps in mood upliftment and fighting stress and depression. Sunrays, however, can adversely affect our skin. Ultraviolet radiation that sun rays emit can make our skin look dull. Overexposure to ultraviolet radiation can also cause skin cancer. Hence, it is important to protect our skin from these harmful radiations and the best way to do is to apply sunscreen.

What is sunscreen?

Sunscreen, also known as sunblock, can be a lotion, gel or cream that protects our skin from ultraviolet radiation. A single layer of sunscreen forms a shield against UV radiation and keep it from harming our skin. It absorbs and reflects UV radiation.

A sunscreen is a very important part of our skincare routine. Hence, it is important for a person to buy a sunscreen that is of the best quality, like UV Protect Aqua Gel Facial Sunscreen. A sunscreen from good brand can benefit our skin in several ways. Some of them are:

1. Even Skin-tone

When our skin gets exposed to sun rays, tanning is the first result. Our skin loses its natural complexion and its tone becomes uneven. It eventually turns dark and look dull and pale. Using a sunscreen restores our complexion. It evens our skin tone and makes it look fresh and glowing.

2. Anti-Aging

Sunrays deteriorate the quality of our skin. When our skin remains exposed to the UV radiations, it not only becomes dull and dark but also ages early. Wrinkles and fine lines start appearing on our skin and our skin loses its radiance. Sunscreen helps to fight the signs of early aging.

3. Healthy Skin

Our skin loses the nutrients that keep it healthy and glowing. Essential skin proteins like collagen, keratin, and elastin start depleting, and as a result, our skin looks lifeless. Sunscreen does not let the vital skin nutrients drain away. It also replenishes the lost nutrients.

4. No Sunburns

When our skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, the likelihood of occurrence sunburns is very high. Skin starts peeling off, becomes red, swells up and suffers itching. Sunburns can be avoided by applying sunscreen.

5. Reduced Risk of skin cancer

Ultraviolet radiations snatch away the luster of our skin, darkens it and leads to premature aging. In addition to these harms, it poses the danger of different types of skin cancer. Applying sunscreen daily makes our skin healthy and develops immunity against skin cancer.

Several cosmetic brands are selling sunscreens in the market. Of these, you have to choose the one that best suits your skin. Only then you will be able to experience the benefits of sunscreen cream.    

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