5 Psychology Facts About Food that Will Surely Amaze You

by Vini M. Food Blogger
Have you noticed your eating habits while watching a Netflix series or a television show? Or have you realized that while on a diet, you become a target of binge-eating? Or you end up consuming more amount of food that you consider to be ‘healthy?’ Well, these are not just coincidences. Experts have coined a term called ‘food psychology’. The food that travels from your mouth to stomach psychologically gets connected with your mind too. Yes, you read that right. Several pieces of research in the past have proved that food you intake and its taste has a direct link with the consumer’s mind. To many, food is life or a way of survival, however, there is a bigger picture to it that can help you enjoy your daily meals to the fullest.

With the help of our proficient team at VinisCookbook, we have discovered some fascinating facts about food psychology that every foodie must know about. So, let’s get started. Here’s the list that will surely amaze you:

  • Want to make your man envy? Simply go on a lunch date with your ex. How hilarious it is but it stands true that going on a lunch with a past affair evokes jealousy. When one shares time with someone, the bond gets strengthens. Unfortunately, this does not hold relevance in telephonic conversation or meeting over coffee with your ex. So, now you know the trick?
  • Often, hunger pangs kick you hard and you feel like gulping down a big meal. Although your stomach is already full in the middle of the meal. Quite a normal scene? Well, apart from the hunger pangs, there are other visual factors that influence your food consumption such as plate, bowl size and the serving spoons.
  • Growing up ruins a lot of things including taste sensation. As we cross a certain age, our taste buds get fewer. This is because one loses a sense of smell that is vital to relish flavours. Due to this, people add a higher quantity of salt than usual to enjoy the original tastes.
  • Why you always order that same coffee or pizza, no matter wherever you go in the world? This is probably because of your daily habits. It is said that a person’s routine lifestyle plays an important role in developing his food habits. Yes, this is the way it goes, we become what we experience in real life.
  • Another fact claims that people settle with a food item that nobody on the table ordered. How many times does it happen that you change your mind when a friend picks the same dish/ beverage as you ordered? The urge to represent one’s individual personality is the cause of this human behaviour.

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