5 Painting Terms and Phrases You Should Know

by Kevin Smith Author

What would the world be without painting? A lot less colorful, that's for sure! Painting allows people to express themselves, whether it be on a portrait in a museum or a beautiful accent wall in a master bedroom. Residential painting in Alpharetta, GA, is especially popular as this gives homeowners the chance to make their house feel like a home! If you're interested in having your home painted, it's in your best interests to become familiar with some commonly-used terms in the painting industry. This way, you'll know exactly what your painters are talking about, making it easier for you to stay in the loop about your project. Here are five examples to educate yourself!

Adhesion Primer 

This is a substance used to prep surfaces for painting. An adhesion primer in particular is used for hard-to-paint surfaces like glossy finishes, laminates and tiles. This is a must-have for any big painting project, and the best local painters will use the top products in the market today to prepare for the big job!


This occurs when bubbles appear on a finished paint job. It certainly isn't ideal, as it's not the finished look you or anyone else would want for your walls, fences, or shingles. Blistering is often caused by contamination of the surface, moisture or even paining over a previous coat before it's completely dry. Sometimes novice, DIY painters don't realize how susceptible their project is to blistering if they rush too much or don't prepare properly, so it's always best to get an expert in for the exciting renovation or remodel!


This is a type of paint that creates a sleek, smooth and hard finish. Enamel is most often found on trim and woodwork of windows and doors. One of the important things to look for in any home for sale is the enamel, and how well the craftsmanship and wordsmanship shines through in these small yet still significant aspects of the home. Professional painters care a lot about making enamel look its best!


This is the process of going over or beyond the wet edge of freshly applied paint so that it will blend nicely with the next coat. This is used to fill gaps, cracks and holes before the main painting begins. The top painters will rely on feathering to get the best results on a variety of painting projects, which benefits their happy homeowners in the end!


No, unfortunately this is not how long you get to sleep for while the painters do their job! This refers to the length of fibres on a paint roller. The shorter nap rollers are perfect for gloss finishes, while medium nap are used for matte paints and low sheen. Long nap rollers come in handy for rough or textured surfaces. When you invest in residential painting in Alpharetta, GA, your chosen painters will use this term and many more while they're improving the look and feel of your home!


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