5 Most Epic Personalized Name Necklaces, I would love to gift my Wife

by Jennifer A. Life Style and Jewelry Blogger

Every husband finds himself in a situation where he is buying jewelry for his wife. Be it a birthday, an anniversary, or any other occasion related to the relationship the couple shares, there are basically no shortages of days on which a person can gift jewelry to his wife. Traditionally, pendants and personalized name necklaces are considered especially suitable to be given as gifts to a partner.

This is because of a variety of reasons. Firstly, the ‘neckline’ is the one area which generally has a lot of space, which in turn allows craftsmen to come up with ‘over the top’ creative designs that are bound to be noticed wherever the wearer goes. Further, nowadays necklaces have a variety of customizations that allow personal pieces that are made keeping in mind the specific personality of the wearer.

Further, necklaces have always been considered ideal for diamonds, and other colorful gemstones to be featured. Be it large ruby stones or precious little garnets, there are a plethora of options available, and each of them have their own specific features and unique color.

Necklaces are also highly customizable, and can be worn with multiple neck pieces and other types of jewelry. Of course, different kinds of pieces are more suitable for specific occasions. However, when combined properly, customized necklaces can basically be worn to all types of occasions, and be accompanied with all types of attires and jewelry types.

Regardless, the increased number of choices works more to limit the person’s ability to choose one, than anything else. Regardless, to make the job easier we will be looking at five particular personalized necklaces that are extremely suitable to be gifted to your wife.

At Vardui Kara, we have a huge variety of personalized necklaces that are entirely handmade and employ 100% natural diamonds and other gemstones. Each of our products is totally unique, and features creative designs with delicate craftsmanship. In this article, we have listed out five of our best products that are extremely suitable to be gifted by a husband to his wife.

First and foremost, we have the Armenian name necklace which features customized text in Armenian script engraved on solid 14k gold. Apart from the obvious beauty of the piece, the necklace is truly personal and can be worn on a variety of occasions while accompanied with a range of different types of jewelry.

The unequivocal Armenian Name Necklace in 14 karat gold is a proud proclamation of your individuality as well as a salute to those who gave us our names. Each piece is completely handmade, which means that it is truly unique and special, especially made for the particular wearer.

Well, while the Armenian name necklace is perfectly suitable for individuals looking to communicate their individuality with people, the personalized multiple name necklace works for your entire family! The necklace comes with a choice of upto four names that can be featured on the necklace in solid 14k gold.

As is true for all of our products, each name is engraved by hand, and the entire piece is not just unique in the sense of its features. As usual, all of our products are made and manufactured in the USA.

It is no secret that various women do not like personalized necklaces that are too flashy, or can be described as over the top. However, the Personalized name necklace in white gold solves that problem. The necklace comes with a simple design and stands out due to its unique color.

The product has a special elegance and a classic overall style which makes it suitable for everyday wear for a variety of occasions. Further, the piece features an elegant cursive with a simple concave chain. Overall, the personalized pieces require a notice of around 1-3 weeks, and can be shipped anywhere in the world!

Well, most of the bet necklaces that you can find on the market feature diamond or some other type of gemstones. However, the 14k gold diamond name necklace features multiple tiny diamonds that are engraved to spell out the name of your special someone!

The necklace features a customized number of diamonds according to the letters that you want to spell, and is one of our best selling products. Customers can choose to spell out any name of their choice. Further, each letter is traced individually, and the piece only uses the best quality solid gold and 100% natural diamonds.

Finally, last but not the least, we have the Personalized Linked Gold Letters Necklaces which features individual letters that are linked together by solid gold loops. The piece allows customers to choose the individual letters that they want capitalized, and features solid 14k gold with full-cut plush white diamonds.

The piece allows for a total of 12 letters to be added, and like every other product is entirely handcrafted. You can have a look at our entire range of Personalized name necklaces by clicking on the link above. 

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