5 Medical Examinations All Women Should Undergo After 30

by Ankita Sehgal Freelance Blogger, Lives in New Delhi
No matter how much we take care of ourselves, we as women are bound to develop medical issues for one reason or another. Though, activities like exercising, meditation, Yoga, and eating healthy food are a great way to ensure good health but there is no guarantee of being disease free always. And if you are in your mid thirties then having regular check-ups at your doctor’s place should be high on your priority list. 

It is important for a woman to be always in touch with a gynecologist so that they can avoid any kind of medical emergency that might pop up in the future. Here are few medical screenings that all woman should undergo to avoid any trouble in future. 

Pelvic Examination and Pap Smears:  If you are sexually active then you must have a pelvic examination soon. All women should undergo this test once in two years to ensure that there is not something abnormal with their reproductive organs. Especially, the woman who has gone under an ectopic pregnancy surgery or an abortion should have this test done monthly basis for some time. This test ensures that there are no problems associated with your vaginaand there are no chances of you having a tendency of suffering from cervical cancer. 

Breast Exams: Starting from the age of 20 all women should undergo breast exams on a yearly basis till they hit menopause. In this test, the doctor ensures that there are not any lumps or abnormalities in your breast region. As per the expert advice of best gynecologist in Bangalore, one should also undergo a mammogram to ensure that there are no chances of developing breast cancer.    

Bone Density Test: Any woman who has undergone uterus removal surgery should definitely undergo this medical examination. After the age of 40 or uterus removal, the body produces less amount of estrogen that can easily lead to the weakening of bones. Especially woman of the slender frame has more chances of hitting this problem. The results of this test vary from person to person. 

Glucose Test: Woman should get a diabetes or blood glucose test checked once in a year once they hit the age of 40 (though, many tend to get it in their mid-thirties as well). High-level diabetes can damage several body organs and one might land up in a critical condition if they do not tend to it at the right time. 

Cholesterol Check: Women are more prone to heart diseases than men, which is why this test is very important, especially for an elderly woman. Cholesterol screenings are very important for ladies who have hit menopause and if you have experienced a hard pregnancy off-lately then it is important that you get a cholesterol check done soon.    

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