5 Life-Saving Ways to Pack Your Wardrobe for a Move!

by Ram Sewak Transportation
Do you have an enormous wardrobe in each of your rooms? And you also own multiple cupboards and cabinets that are installed on the room walls? Well, with quite an extensive clothing section, you might have a tough time preparing them for your next move. If similar is the case with you, and you couldn’t figure out the best ways to pack your giant, overwhelming clothing wardrobes all on your own, we are here to help you out! All you would be required to do is hire professional packing and moving personnel from Agarwal Packers – who would incorporate all the unique packing ways and innovative techniques to organize your household ahead of your move. They would reach your spot and work out everything efficiently, thereby saving you from unnecessary trouble!

In this article, we have mentioned some important tips and useful advice that you can follow if you are fussing over the entire process. Although the professional packers would be there to assist you, it is always better to be aware and well-informed about the basic ideas that can speed up your wardrobe packing process and help you to work out things pretty decently!

Put together all the basic packing materials 

You might have called up the professional movers to come up to your address a couple of days later because you wish to manage some part of your packing on your own – including your crockery section, your closets, and your delicate goods, but do you have the required packing supplies with you? There are certain things you should have with you before you get into the process and when it comes to preparing your wardrobe items – you must have the materials including moving blankets, moving cartons, wardrobe boxes in different sizes, bubble wraps, foam peanuts, packing paper, old clothes or tissues, wardrobe bags, strong and sturdy boxes, plastic bins, garment bags, and safety tapes. You can put all these together in one place so you do not run all over the house for a single item.

Plan out how much and what all you are moving

You would not want to move your entire clothing compartment, because it would simply blow out your packing cycle. Why? Because there is no point in carrying old, worn out, clothes, or any clothing item that does no longer serve you for size issue, some out-dated pieces that you still somewhere stack in the corner of your almirahs and the clothes that are still fresh but you do not wear them any longer should straightaway be put out for donation or sale. Donate your clothes to charities or non-profit organizations or choose to sell out all your branded items that you have in your lot, to earn some money ahead of your move. This would not just lighten up your load but let you feel happy and relieved!

Organize your clothing to make it easy

At first, make sure you set aside the clothes that you and your family would be wearing on the shifting day. Once you do that, make sure you organize your clothing into categories – keep the winter clothes and summer clothes separately, keep the office wear and daily outfits in individual piles, and so on. You can even choose to sort out your clothes according to types, materials, occasions – it would help you to keep things well organized. If you sort out your clothes before packing them, you will be able to unpack them easier. Items with firm fabric just like jeans and trousers should be stacked together, similarly, all your delicate clothing should be packed all in one place. Also, make certain that none of the moving boxes are too heavy with the weight of clothes as it might break them, so store as it allows. If you have hired experts – Agarwal Packers and Movers for your task – they would guide you at every step and manage all of it for you!

Protect your special items with care

Our wardrobes not only hold our clothes, but some of us also keep our precious belongings and accessories in them. There are jewellery boxes, designer watches, classy belts, shades, and elegant wallets, chic handbags, wallets, shoes and sandals, scarfs, shrugs, and other vintage gifted earrings, bracelets, and chains. These exquisite items in our collection hold a special place in our hearts and being delicate enough, they can undergo damage. So, make sure they are properly packed in quality packing materials and sealed with tapes after ample cushioning. If you can put them in their original boxes and use a sufficient amount of crumpled paper within their boxes once you have wrapped them several times in bubble wraps, you can protect them from any unforeseen impairment.

Label or number your packages before a move

If you are willing to pack and move your clothes in a well-organized manner, without losing your mind, you must label your clothing packages – all the cardboard boxes and cartons – using clear, broader name labels with the designated room and the type of clothing it has. You would certainly not love opening up your winter wear carton if you are moving in the scorching months of June – July! You would also not want to flip open the packages that have all the summery clothes in case you are shifting in the closing months of the year – November – December. So, do label your moving boxes before they are loaded into the moving truck!

These were more or less, some of the best ways to prepare your wardrobe section to efficiently move your clothes to your new home, without a mess!

Closing Note

Are you confused as to where to begin packing your household because it stocks your entire world of things? Well, we agree! Household shifting takes a toll on you if you are not well prepared to undergo the exhausting experience it is going to give you, but hold on, with the above-mentioned ideas, you can easily manage your mismanaged wardrobe and your closet section that is bursting out with a countless number of items, for your next move easily! Moreover, if you have the professionals – Agarwal Movers and Packers hired for your household shifting task, they will make this cumbersome task a lot more easily and conveniently!

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