5 Early Alarming Signs of Breast Cancer to Notice

by Rohan Khandelwal Breast Surgeon

If we ask humans, what is the topic that we take the most advantage of? One and only one answer is HEALTH. Health is the only thing in life we take granted for unless we fall sick. The true signature to a healthy life is through the following points. They are as follows:

  • Eat essentially

  • Live happily and moderately

  • Cultivate cheerfulness 

  • Maintain constant interest in life 

But then, there are certain diseases that knock on the door of our life unexpectedly. One of the well-known diseases that you can encounter in your life is breast cancer. According to the best breast cancer surgeon in Delhi, even though such diseases visit us at uncertain times. There are various signs that can help us detect this condition in the early phase itself. 

Cancer is a state where it can worsen or get cured at the beginning itself. So, understanding the early stage becomes necessary to know. The most significant aspects hence become the early alarming signs.

Common signs are as follows:


A lump is the cause of cancer and it can grow either on the breast area or even underarm. This visible lump that doesn’t shrink away after the menstrual cycle or in a few days need medical attention. This is the most alarming red sign to consider for you to consult a doctor. 


Swelling occurs even before the lump appears. The breast cancer treatment in Delhi includes this aspect as well. Usually, you will witness swelling in your armpit as well as the collarbone. This symptom directs to the fact that cancer has also spread onto the lymph nodes. 

  • PAIN

Constant pain in the breast area or underarms is an evident symptom to consider. But most of the time, the visible lumps don’t cause any pain. But rather just cause pricky feeling. You might feel tenderness on your breast as well. So, it is important to note both cases.


According to the best breast cancer surgeon in Delhi, the changing of breast size is also a strong indication of the beginning of breast cancer. The size of the lump differs from pea size to the size of the human finger. This is spotted on the breast as well as underarm. Apart from the size, one can also note down the texture difference, change in colour and temperature as well. 


The flat or indented area can also be a major sign of cancer because it indicates a tumour that is invisible on the outside. 

Health is a factor that cannot be overlooked. And it is vital to trace the early signs of any such uncertain diseases. This comes from efficient knowledge. 

Other signs are as follows:

  • Burns

  • Itches

  • Develops sores

  • Nipple pulled inwards

  • Inverted nipples (very rare)

  • Dimpled 

And if to consider, the list goes on. 

You can always choose from the best health care centre and work towards the road to recovery with ease. Breast cancer treatment in Delhi is a credible and authentic method to choose when encountered such a circumstance in life. Even though identifying this condition can be too much to take in, it is our sole duty to overcome fears and anxiety and trust the doctors. 

In India, efficient doctors and staff are known worldwide. And today, cancer too has a cure. So, rather than being upset about it, you can seek a doctor’s guidance and diagnosis. 

As the proverb states, 

Health is beyond and above any wealth.

So, take care of your health and focus on the range of beneficial possibilities available in hospitals. 

Stay Healthy and Happy!

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