5 Dental Problems that require Emergency Dentist Services

by Rahul Roy Author

A severe toothache or gum infection can be very painful. The uneasiness that such dental problems case may push you to drop into a dental clinic immediately. But not all teeth, gum, jaw or tongue conditions are categorised as dental emergencies. Thus it is imperative that you identify the symptoms that need the attention of an emergency dentist and take timely actions.

Here we list down 5 major dental issues that need immediate emergency dental care.

Dental Trauma:

Any trauma to the teeth or mouth requires to be treated on an emergency basis. If your tooth is partially or completely knocked out of its place due to an accident, it is an emergency situation. In most cases, such tooth can be re-implanted by the dentist or he might suggest an alternative treatment. Rush to the nearest dental clinic and let the doctor have a good look at your broken, displaced or chipped tooth. Until you reach the clinic, extra care should be taken to keep the teeth moist and if possible hold it in its place.

Acute mouth pain:

Pain is a way of your body telling you that something is not well. Mouth pain usually subsides when you rinse your mouth with salt water or apply an ice pack. But if you are suffering from acute mouth pain and it does not go away with the usual pain killers, it might be a cause of concern. You should rush to an emergency dentist who would understand the symptoms better and diagnose the pain. The reason for such unbearable pain could be anything from an infection to the cavity or any other deeper reason.

Constant bleeding of gums:

You may notice a bit of bleeding when you accidentally bite your lips or tongue. As painful as it might be, this is not an emergency. If you notice that your gums or other parts of the mouth are persistently bleeding, it is advisable to see a dentist immediately. If left untreated for a long time, you might suffer from blood loss leading to some other complications. An emergency dentist will be able to determine the cause for bleeding and thus suggest the best solution.

Ulcer or abscess with pus:

Following a rigid oral care routine is a must for everyone if you want to avoid dental problems. Poor oral hygiene may lead to various kinds of infection that may develop into ulcers, abscess or cyst that may contain pus. Such infection needs the immediate attention of the emergency dentist. Based on the severity of the infection, the dentist will be able to treat the ulcer and prescribe medication. The emergency treatment should be followed by a few visits to the dental clinic to treat the root cause of the infection.

Jaw pain or swelling:

Jaw pain is not a common dental problem and thus the reason for it could be something serious. If you are experiencing severe pain near your ear or are hearing a popping sound of the jaw, you need to see your dentist. Jaw pain may be because of degeneration of the joint or due to some infection. The pain might be accompanied by swelling as well. Visit your dentist and allow him to suggest a suitable solution.

An emergency dentist will be trained to handle emergency situations and knows how best to calm down the suffering patient. Thus, you might get relief from pain and proper treatment by seeing your dentist at the right time.

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