5 Days in France – Unique Ideas to Explore the Fancy Country

by Jerry S. Jerry Stark is a professional writer and publisher

France is one of the top countries full of charm and chic appeal. It’s where most people experience the romantic vibe, pretty cafes, architectural delights, and rustic houses. Exploring the beauty of this country could last a lifetime. However, if you plan the vacation correctly, you’re likely to visit Southern France within a week. 

Vacations are a must in our lives because the experience and perfect vibe that we get cannot compare to any other activity in the world. How could someone not want to enhance on an adventurous trip with all of these fantastic places to go to? Of course, it’s hard to choose from all the stunning places France has to offer, but remember that wherever you’ll go, it’s essential to make the most memorable trip ever. 

France is one of those countries that’s so diverse and unique; you could literary spend your entire life there. Although Paris is the central point of attraction, there are other unique things to see in this country. There’s a whole mix of amazing villages and regional cities that are incredibly fun and beautiful. With that being said, let’s see how many places you can visit within 5 days in France. Without further ado…

  1. Explore the City of Love – Paris

If this is your first trip to Paris, then “Bienvenue dans la ville de l'amour.” Whoever visited Paris can never forget the trip. How can someone not fall in love with the smell of baked bread and patisseries floating in the air? That romantic nostalgia will make you thrive, and that Paris’s special “Je ne sais quoi” will captivate your soul. Millions of tourists come every year to visit the city of love, and they adore how Parisians greet them.

The best time to visit Paris is not in August, as most locals go on vacation and many bars, cafes, restaurants are closed. So, if winters aren’t that cold, why not spend the Christmas holidays in Paris? If you have a crush on museums, the impressive Musée d’Orsay is a must. Of course, the Louvre can be time and energy-consuming, but it’s an absolute must to visit. 

I mean, it’s the Louvre! Why would you even bother going to Paris, if not for visiting Louvre? Will it be full? Yes. Is it worth it? Of course yes. However, don’t even think about going to visit on Sundays. All museums are free, so make sure you pick another day of the week to visit. Also, there are tons of other excellent museums to visit in Paris, including Centre Pompidou, the Cluny Museum, and the Musée Rodin. They’re perfect for admiring the sculptures and the gorgeous gardens. 

  1. Visit Bordeaux

You’ve visited Paris, what’s next to do? Plan a flight to Bordeaux! Or take the train from Paris to explore the beauty of Bordeaux. Taking the train is an affordable way to travel across the town or the country. Bordeaux is a very attractive destination, and you can find hotels in the city center. There are also ground-trams that can take you to the top attractions. If it's not too hot outside, you can also hire a bike and explore its beauty. 

What to do in Bordeaux? There is a long street in Bordeaux called The Rue Sainte Catherine. It happens to be the longest shopping street, and it’s perfect for buying interesting souvenirs while you’re in town. Jardin public garden is the soul of Bordeaux; most tourists and locals go to picnic there. The green grass, trees, and flowers make it a perfect place for a quiet and sunny afternoon. However, no vacations to Bordeaux would be completed without a wine tasting. Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon; some of the tourists’ favorite wine.

  1. Plan a Cycling Trip in Ardèche

Is cycling holidays a thing for you? Experience one of the most astonishing places in Southern France. Admire the breathtaking views, and taste one of the most delicious cuisines, so that you can make your trip a memorable one. The Ardeche is a small village region in France, but it’s also home to some of the country’s most experienced cyclers. Brompton cycling holidays are bringing authenticity to the lovely South of France. 

Those who want to experience life at its best, pack your stuff and enhance in one of the adventurous activities in the Ardeche region. Engage in the prosperity of history and art in beautiful France. Quiet roads amazing landscapes will make you enjoy your trip to Ardeche. 

  1. Avignon

The town is located in Provence, France, and is connected to Marseille. This city has a reach history and is an absolute must-see for your vacation in France. Take a day and visit the historic center, and learn more about the culture of the city. Avignon is also known for its annual famous theater festival. Most of the visitors across the world find this event very engaging and relaxing. 

The papal palace is an incredible attraction for visitors. It is the largest gothic building in the world, and you wouldn’t understand its beauty unless you see it in real life. 

  1. Cannes, Southern France

Is Cannes worth visiting? If not, Cannes and Paris, then what? Cannes is one of the largest and best places to visit in France. The beautiful weather and the charming vibe will captivate your attention in a second. The cultural attractions make tourists want to revisit this fantastic city again. La Croisette is one amazing street where you’ll find many luxurious hotels, delightful boutiques, and cafes. 

Newcomers are welcome in Southern France to enjoy doing many incredible things. The sandy beaches and hot weather are perfect for those who love relaxing in the sun. How about the Cannes Yachting Festival? It happens every September and is the ideal way to admire the other luxurious yachts. 

France has some of the best regional parks, which are also an excellent spot for hiking. Do your research before packing, and don’t forget that vacations feed your soul the most.

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