5 Best Ways To Use Your Phone For Smart Travelers

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A smartphone today is a handy item for any smart traveler to Europe. It allows you keep in touch with family, friends and business partners back home. Any smart traveler would die to get some ideas on frugal spending while on the trip. It saves big time from spending exorbitant amounts on roaming charges. This article has 5 best ways to use your phone for smart travelers. With these, there will be no need to scrounge around for change to use a payphone.

Carry a Wi-Fi enable smartphone
A smartphone has a variety of benefits at home and most especially during traveling. Its benefits increase if it has Wi-Fi. It offers a chance to hook into the various free networks you might come across touring the major metropolitan cities in Europe. You might as well use the hotspots at your hotel to check your mail. It will save you from any charges for internet use.
Download the right Apps on your phone
There are various smartphone applications you can download which come handy on your travel. These have versions for all operating systems regardless of whether your phone uses Android or Apple operating system. For communication, there are apps lick Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Viber. With these, you can even make free VoIP calls to other users. There are others like Uber, Google Maps, Airbnb which make your travel comfortable and enjoyable.
Purchase UK and Europe SIM card
Going on a trip with this card will save you a fortune. If you buy SIM card for Europe, making outgoing calls will be much cheaper than if you had used your home mobile phone. There are lots of deals online where you can find an excellent package to meet your requirements. This card comes with free data, minutes and text messages and works in 34 countries of Europe. It comes in various sizes to fit any smartphone including Nano, Micro, and Standard.
Add your UK SIM number to your business card
It is worthless to have a UK SIM but have no one calling you on it. If you regularly travel to Europe, consider adding this number on your business card. People will know how to get in touch with you. it means the days of missing important calls from business associates are over. You will be able to receive all calls without minding about how you are to spend exorbitant sums Modify your voicemail
You should consider changing your voicemail on the home mobile phone and turn it off. This will allow them to get in touch with you on the other number. Let people who matter know you are on a trip and tell them to contact you on the UK SIM.
Bottom line

With a UK SIM, you will never lose communication when on travel in Europe.

It’s a cost-effective way to keep in touch and stay updated. Ensure to find a reputable sister who can give you great deals on international SIM cards.

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