5 best Neo-Noir Movies

by Vinod Kathayat movie lover

Neo-Noir is the best movie dish that I would like to taste as it includes crime, humor, dark wit, twisted plot and classy dialogues. It shows a perception from both ends like bad and good or right or wrong. Neo-Noir movies never judge what's wrong or right? It just shows the both ends of the right and wrong.

For those who don't understand the concept of Neo-Noir:

Neo means new and Noir means Black, well adding these two become New Black which means a dark crime movie with new theme and ideologies. It contains a different cinematography than usual films which make it unique in its own style.

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Now the best Five:

1. Pulp Fiction

5 best Neo-Noir Movies

"A still from Plup Fiction Movie"

Plup Fiction is a great movie from every angle. Watch it, enjoy it. Watch it, enjoy it. It contains well written classic dialogues, humor, drugs, crime,  the classic dance step of John Travolta and the amazing duo of John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson as Vincent and Jules respectively. The movie is directed and written by one of my favorite director "Quentin Tarantino".  Plup Fiction is a masterpiece by Quentin Tarantino and one of my best films. 

"Any of you fucking pricks move, and I'll execute every motherfucking last one of ya"

2. Mulholland Drive

5 best Neo-Noir Movies

"A snap from Mullholland Drive"

Mulholland Drive is David Lynch's one of the best film till date and one of the best neo-noir mystery thriller of all time. It stars Naomi Watts, Laura Harring and Justin Theroux in lead roles. The movie is regarded as one of the best films of 12th century. Fun Fact, initially David Lynch planned this for a possible TV-Series but ended with movie as nobody took it seriously and rejected it. 

3. L.A Confidential

5 best Neo-Noir Movies

"A still from L.A Confidential"

L.A Confidential has every flavors of Neo-Noir. It tells story of four LAPD Officers who are dealing with "Bloody Christmas" case and took a thrill ride with this bloody case. This movie  shows crazy and psychological characters of these LAPD officers and how this case affected them. The movie is directed by Curtis Hanson who won an Academy award for Best Adapted screenplay with Brian Helgeland, starring with Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce and James Cromwell. If you haven't seen it yet then watch it right now, it'll be fun with crime.

4. Fargo

5 best Neo-Noir Movies

"A snap from Fargo"

Do you know Coen Brothers? If no then google them and watch their movies. Fargo is one of their classics as it's one of the best example for a neo-noir movies. Fargo is 1996 Neo-Noir crime film directed and written by Coen Brothers with stars Farces McDormand, William H. Macy and Steve Buscemi. Fargo is based on a true story. For Fargo, Frances Mcdormand won Academy Award for Best Actress and Coen Brothers won for Best Original Screenplay Award.

5. Reservoir dogs


5 best Neo-Noir Movies

"Snap from Reservoir dogs"

Have you seen this Quentin Tarantino Movie? If not download and watch online as it has some nice cool nicknames for the criminals. This movie has its name for violent crime drama and it's non-linear storytelling. You'll love the narrative and black humor and a lot of drama between cops and robbers. 

That's my top 5 list for Neo-Noir Movies, If you have one comment and share please.   

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