5 Benefits Of Using Salon Solution Environmental Green Cleaner: Put This… Stuff On Everything!

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Hello again everybody! Today I want to talk to you about a new item that will CHANGE THE WAY YOU WORK! Both at home and in the spa! If you’re currently using anything like Method, Mr.Clean, Fantastik, Tide Laundry, Bleach, Windex, or any combination thereof to clean your spa you need to read on. We now have a cost effective solution, that everybody can use on ALL OF THE ITEMS! Seriously this replaces basically everything else that you clean with.


Salon Solution is our newest offering in the way of hygienic maintenance products that is completely environmental, it is made using only 4 ingredients, 3 of which are plants, and the 4this water! Diluted at a 10:1 ratio with water, this cleaning agent can be used on quite literally everything. What’s also great about this biodegradable cleaner is that it’s hypo-allergenic, non-flammable, & non-irritating so you can use without gloves! Perfect for removing soils, oils & greases from any surface, plus it smells fantastic!

Here’s a list of items that the inventor who created Salon Solution has used it on before bringing it to market:

"Please be advised that dilution rates for any cleaner are only a guideline … a suggestion if you will.

Each application and location will be different, different types of grease or oils (especially in Salons & Spas).

There will be different dirt or contamination loads and of course different timelines between cleans.

With that in mind I have personally cleaned the following ..

    Automobile engines at full strength to 50/50 with water … amazing!
    Automobile interior mats, upholstery and all interior surfaces 50/50 to 10% solution.
    Automobile exterior, rims, tires at a 50/50 mix and about 50ml per 4l of water to wash the entire exterior
    Carpet cleaning … full strength for stains and minimal in the application tank.
    Walls floors and counters usually about 100 ml per 4 litres of water.
    Shower doors (glass) takes off most of the water stains at full strength
    Shower stall walls and tubs … removes water stains as well as oils and soap film.
    Grout in bathroom and kitchen tiles 50/50 squirt on and scrub with an old tooth brush … you won’t believe it.
    Used on mirrors … at 50/50 it leaves them with an anti-fog effect. PLEASE NOTE that cleaning glass is tricky as you must use a very weak solution to prevent streaking.
    Laundry … have used it as a pre-treatment for stains and ‘ring around the collar’. Also works as a laundry detergent at about 100 ml per load.
    Works great on sinks, fixtures and back splashes.
    There really is nothing that this product will not clean … SAFELY!!!
    Try different applications and different dilutions to fine tune the process.

The most amazing thing is that it is cleaning without harsh chemicals and is completely safe … even on people.

Hope this helps!"

And now for the other half of this blog! The 5 biggest reasons you should be using Salon Solution in your spa:

  1. Salon Solution is Super Economical!

Get started with our Salon Solution Salon & Spa Intro kit for only $9.95 for 1L of concentrate and a free spray bottle! Working with the previously mentioned 10:1 ratio, that gives you 10 litres of cleaning solution to use around your home, spa and salon! Compared to the alternative of buying all sorts of different cleaning products, this will save you hundreds of dollars over the course of the years!

  1. Salon Solution is Multi-Purpose!

I mean if you haven’t gotten the point yet,  this stuff can be used everywhere in your salon. To narrow it down a bit, here’s a look at some common places you can use it in your spa business:

  • All surfaces and floors
  • On your windows and mirrors
  • On vinyl, leather and upholstery of spa/salon furniture
  • Use on your linens, laundry, and as a pre-treatment for stains
  • Use on salon tools like flat irons and shears, and other equipment (not a disinfectant though!)
  1. Salon Solution is Good for the Environment!

By using ingredients based off of 3 different plants and some water as the filler, and recyclable and reusable plastic bottles, there is nothing about Salon Solution that can damage the environment.

  1. Salon Solution Smells Fresh!

I mean come on, would you use it if it didn’t also smell great? We’re putting it on everything sooo, yeah.

  1. Salon Solution is Safer for your Employees!

And finally, this little gem of a cleaner is fantastic for your employees! Due to the lack of harsh chemicals, your employees’ skin is safe from harm and they aren’t breathing in anything that will eventually do some damage. Living employees are the best employees!


So there you have it folks! You can give us a call directly to get your special intro kit at a price of $5.95 or click here to buy online and use code SALONINTRO at checkout only while supplies last!

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