4 Ways You Can Turn Coding Into a Side Hustle

by Rayanne M. Writer

Coding is a beneficial skill to make a good living. Creating a side hustle is very important if you're making a living out of your coding skills. Many people made it work by doing freelance work for local businesses. You can do the same. Here are four ways to turn your coding skills into a side hustle.

What Is Coding

Coding involves putting together a set of rules and logic that can be used to make a computer do something. Coding can direct an automated program to recognize images in a document. Small to medium-sized businesses in your town need someone to write the code for their website or make the layout. It may not be easy to pick up Coding as a second or third career, but it's a valuable skill for someone in your position. You don't have to live in the most remote part of the world.

Learning The Different Languages

If you know how to code and are proficient in a different programming language, you can make a good living off of it. When Coding, learn the programming language of the business you're coding. This way, you have an excellent understanding of how the programs are created. You don't want to become a web engineer for a website that no one is ever going to visit. Want to work for Microsoft? Your job may be on the Bing search engine. Maybe you can set up your own consulting company and work with other tech companies.


For software development, you have two options. You can use an IDE for a more casual, one-time use or have a desktop environment. The GUI is called a GUI builder or code editor. Using an IDE will allow you to develop applications for specific software if you're making side money. 

For example, if you use an online ide to build desktop applications, you can use Codio. Instead of going to a large company to make your applications, you can develop them at home. You can modify your IDE to add to this tool. You can use a GUI to create all kinds of applications, and you can modify it to do whatever you want.

Create A Course Learning Platform

Learning a new language or programming framework can be like walking into a dungeon with no map. Coding has become a skill every business must learn. Some of the most popular coding frameworks available are Python, Ruby on Ruby on Rails, and Javascript. Some companies would love to hire programmers who have hands-on experience with a framework. 

Python is the language most commonly used to develop software in the U.S. Companies and developers are becoming dependent on programmers who understand the necessary tools, such as Python and Ruby.

Freelance Your Love Of Coding

You could become a coder full-time if you want to. You can become a professional writer and have clients from all over the world. Create your content and post it on social media. Don't worry about being the best at it. It would help if you found what works for you. The more you make use of it, the better you will be. As mentioned earlier, you can create a webinar, a web page that includes a video and a text chat; this can turn into a very lucrative side business.

Create Or Write On An Existing Blog

What if you're not in the field where you can currently make money from Coding? If you have time, you can write about anything you want. Think about your interests, skills, and knowledge and figure out which area is the best fit for you to start. For example, IT professionals with many tech skills would be a good fit to create an IT course. 

You can put these lessons on a website, share them through an online system and share them on social media. Creating a side hustle is not easy, but you can succeed with some persistence and the right approach. You'll need to think about it, start with a small scale and work your way up. Be creative and find a way to integrate Coding with your passion or career.

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