4 Tips to Lower Your AC Bills. How Can You Save Money In Coming Summers?

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When the mercury and humidity arise, only an AC can keep you comfortable. But is there a way to reduce utility bills?

1# Set the Right Temperature

As per the latest recommendations from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, the AC manufacturers have to keep the device's default temperature at 24-degree Celsius. Before the mandate, it was at 20-degree Celsius.

The studies show that about 6-percent of the electricity is saved with every degree rise in temperature. So, the lower you keep the AC, the longer the compressors work and increase the electricity bill.

If you decide to keep the AC running to the default temperature, you can save up to 24-percent electricity.

2# Maintain the Temperature at 24-degree Celsius

If you live in a city where the day time temperature is between 34 to 38 degrees Celsius, setting the AC temperature to 10-degrees lower is a great respite. When the temperature maintained by AC is maintained below body temperature, it is cool for us. Hence, maintain the temperature at 18-degree Celsius and keep it around 23-24 degree Celsius. You will find that even at this temperature, your home is cool.

3# Save Electricity with Sealed Rooms and Shut Devices

Shut the doors and windows when the air-conditioning is working. It also ensures that the windows are sealed tight. Further, the cold air doesn’t leave the room. Pull the curtains so that the sun's heat doesn’t enter the room and increases the load on the AC. Refrigerators, TV and computer generate a lot of heat and ensure that the AC works hard. It makes sense to switch them off before starting the AC. Let the room cool and switch them afterwards. When you are at it, you can rearrange the furniture to block the air vents.

4# Switch on and Off to Save Electricity

Did you wake up shivering and had to turnoff the AC? It is because the AC worked hard to keep the room cool. A simple way of saving energy is to switch off the AC at night. If you are spending long hours in the air-conditioned room, use the tip. Keep it on for a few hours and then switch it off for another or two hours.


If you want to reduce utility bills, these tips can be handy. Try these, and you will surely cut the costs.

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