4 Tips on Preventing Water Damage in Your Basement

by Kevin Smith Author

If your basement has gotten damaged due to the accumulation of rainwater, you may need to hire a service that provides water damage cleanup in Smyrna. They can help you dry it up and prevent the formation of molds. Here are some other tips for keeping it dry.


Maintain and Declutter Your Gutters

If your gutters are cluttered, they can’t do their job. Their main goal is to collect excess water and lead it in an orderly fashion away from your home. Debris can interrupt the designated path and cause pools in unwanted areas around your foundation, subsequently leading to leaks in your basement. Keep them clean to maintain proper drainage.


Check the Culvert

A culvert is a created structure that allows water to naturally flow through an otherwise obstructed area. Their size varies, but the purpose is the same. It’s to direct fluid movement. These are placed near houses to keep groundwater away from them. If you notice yours not working, contact a contractor as soon as possible to get it fixed. If you don’t, the diverted stream might find its way into your basement.


Investigate and Repair Cracks

Gaps and fissures in the foundation of your home can become an entry point for water to your basement. So be sure that if you notice any wet spots on the floor to look for the source. You’ll need to seal them up with epoxy. If you find that the damages are beyond repair, seek the help of a professional contractor.


Fix the Landscape of Your Yard

The way your yard is designed can contribute to the formation of water in your basement. This can happen if its terrain is tilted towards your house. Rainwater can accumulate, which enters the understructure. Resolve this by ensuring that your landscape isn’t inclined. A landscape designer can evaluate your setup and provide solutions if your current arrangement is contributing to leakage.


If these techniques aren’t improving your leaky foundation issues, you might find yourself in need of water damage cleanup in Smyrna to help you fix it. Calling them early on will save you money in the long run. Moisture will wreak havoc on any surface, especially in the dark, dank environment of a basement. Protect yourself and your family from the health dangers of mold or mildew by keeping things dry down there.

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