4 Things to Consider When Buying a Double Door Fridge

by Dezmond Mueni Freelance Content Writer
If you are looking to purchase a double door fridge, you are probably a bit perplexed about where to start, especially if you have never gone through this before. Obviously, a refrigerator is an investment you want to get right. And believe it or not, there are many things to consider before picking out one. It's not wise to buy any double door fridge you come across because a fridge not suiting your needs may not be the best for you at all. You might think it's as simple as choosing a refrigerator that looks good and holds all your food, but it's much more complicated. And therefore you need to keep in mind many factors before purchasing a fridge. Read on, and you will be sure to stay savvy as you navigate the fridge market.
Consider your space
Whether you want a side by side fridge or a single door fridge, the amount of space in your house should be a significant consideration while choosing your fridge. Refrigerators take up more space than you realize. There's the actual unit itself, but you will also need space behind the unit for it to "breathe" and vent out heat. These requirements should be listed with all the information of the refrigerator, so be sure to check for that.
You'll also need to measure the doorways and around any islands or obstacles that the appliance will have to go through. Ensure you read the measurements of the desired fridge before making a choice to see whether it fits in your available space. Moreover, always play it safe and allow for some extra wiggle room.

Is the fridge energy efficient?
Just like any other home appliance, it is essential to check the energy efficiency of your fridge. Usually, the energy efficiency of a refrigerator is measured by star ratings or EER (Energy Efficiency Rating). The higher the star rating, the better and more energy-efficient the fridge is. For instance, a 3 Star Rated refrigerator may let you save up to 35% and a 4 Star one up to 45% on power bills respectively. Moreover, always ensure your fridge has a green or blue coloured Bureau Energy Efficiency (BEE) symbol to ensure the authenticity of the energy efficiency rating tag.

What features are important to you?
Take a moment to reflect on the things that you would wish your fridge to have. This features may range from a refrigerator with a water dispenser, an ice maker or a fridge with an electric temperature control among others. For instance, if you are using solar energy at your house, an LG double door fridge would be a good bet. With this brand, you can find an LG 260 L double door fridge that is frost-free and comes with 4-star rating energy efficiency.

Consider your lifestyle and food habits
Do you live alone? Are you married with kids? Do you have back problems or any other physical ailments? All of these questions can influence the size and style of the fridge you decide to invest in. Bigger families may want to look at door-in-door models that have three-compartment options in addition to a bottom-freezer for maximum storage. Single buyers could get by with a traditional top-freezer model. If you have trouble bending your back, top-freezer or double-door styles won't require as much bending.

With all these considerations to make, the best double door refrigerator still depends on your taste and perverse. I hope this guide has helped you make a wise decision when buying the next time you buy a fridge.

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