4 Signs That Indicate Your Pregnancy is Progressing Healthily

by Ankit Sharma Women's Clinic
Nausea, backache, constipation, frequent urination, tender breasts, and what not! Pregnancy comes with a set of side effects. Who said pregnancy was a cakewalk? 

But hey, you must not abhor these side effects, as these are good news. 

According to doctors, these are signs that your pregnancy is going on healthy. 

The following are 4 icky symptoms that may annoy you, but are beneficial for you and your growing baby inside. 

1. Morning sickness
Morning sickness usually happens in the first 3 months. 

According to the best lady laparoscopic surgeon in GNW, this symptom indicates a good pregnancy. Although the exact reason for the queasiness is still unknown, doctors are of the view that an abrupt rise in hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone could be the cause. And this hormone is essential for the progression of pregnancy. 

Doctors also believe that morning sickness is good, as it prevents the mom-to-be from eating foods, which may harm the growing fetus. When you feel queasy, you may eat simple, bland food, which is free of toxins and healthier. 

However, it is not necessary that all pregnant ladies experience morning sickness. Many do not and they have a healthy pregnancy. 

2. Enlarged and tender breasts
Your breasts become sore and bigger usually in the early months of pregnancy. 

This happens due to increased levels of progesterone and estrogen. Both hormones are essential for healthy pregnancy. So, this is good news, despite the fact that you may feel like you are carrying twin bags of sand over your chest! 

3. More vaginal discharge
Your vaginal discharge increases throughout pregnancy. 

This is a sign of increased estrogen level, which is good, as this hormone is required for healthy pregnancy. 

So, do not fret the increased wetness down there. As long as the discharge is clear, odorless, and watery, you need not worry. This extra discharge also helps to keep your vagina clean and healthy, preventing nasty microbes from entering your womb. 

4. Spotting
Brown or light pink spotting happens around 4-6 weeks of pregnancy. 

Seeing blood spots in your panties may make you anxious, but if this is happening in the first or second month of pregnancy, it is implantation bleeding. This means that your fertilized egg has attached itself to your uterus lining and, soon, will grow into a baby. Some women mistake this spotting to their periods. 

Not all women experience the above discussed symptoms. That is fine, says the best lady laparoscopic surgeon in GNW. Every pregnancy is unique. So, what happens to you during pregnancy may or may not happen to another woman. 

It is not whether you experience the symptoms or not, it is about welcoming the symptoms with a positive attitude. This is because the symptoms, although seemingly annoying, are actually good signs. It means that your body is busy preparing to create a new life and is doing it properly. 

Instead of focusing on the symptoms, enjoy your pregnancy. Live each moment to the fullest. Listen to your obstetrician. Eat healthy. Relax. Feel the baby growing inside you. It’s one of the miracles of Nature. 

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