4 Reasons Wedding Guests Should Book Serviced Apartments Instead of Hotels

by Lysha Rohan Lalco Residency
Weddings are times of new beginnings, coming together of 2 people and their families. It's a joyous occasion that all parties want to celebrate and recall with love and happiness. However, weddings are also one of the most stressful events in the life of most people. According to a survey, 96% of newlyweds admitted that wedding planning was stressful!! Amongst the many stressors managing guests is one of the largest stress points.

In cities like Mumbai, houses are cramped and most people cannot accommodate all the wedding guests in their houses. At such times usually, people think of booking hotels to accommodate the guests. This adds to more stress about managing the hotel guests as well. Is there a way to reduce this stress? Sure is, an easy way to reduce some wedding stress is to book serviced apartments for wedding guests rather than hotels! How does that help you ask?
Here's how:
1. Cost-effective: Serviced apartments are ~ 30% cheaper and often more than two times larger than the average hotel room. A 1BHK serviced apartment can accommodate 2 guests easily, just like an average hotel room. While a 6 BHK serviced apartment can accommodate up to 10 people, whereas to accommodate 10 people in a hotel you would require a minimum of 5 double occupancy rooms or 3 quadrupled occupancy rooms! The room occupancy charges at a hotel can quickly add up, escalating the wedding expenses.
2. Feels like home: Hotel rooms are notoriously impersonal and lack warmth. Serviced apartments are the opposite, rooms are decorated with beautiful artwork, tasteful upholstery and offer ample space for personalization. Guests are provided with all the comforts of home, from the entertainment center to the washing machine there is everything a guest might need. Apartments are laid out much like home, with separate bedrooms, kitchen, hall, washroom and more allowing guests to relax and enjoy in a spacious accommodation rather than a cramped hotel room.
3. Togetherness: Weddings are all about family gatherings. Many people meet each other after a long time at weddings and there is a lot of catching up to do amongst the wedding guests. Hotel rooms divvy up the guests, making it difficult for them to interact with each other. As opposed to this, a large serviced apartment can be used to keep all guests together while still giving them individual space in the form of their bedroom. This allows the guests to easily interact and catch up with each other, in the common areas and retire to their bedrooms when in need of some privacy.
4. Kitchen: Weddings are about food. People coming together, sharing meals, chatting over cups of tea, songs, and dances done over snacks and lots of sweets. When your guests are accommodated at home, you can easily service their meal requirements. Somebody might require morning tea, while some might require coffee, there might be kids who need milk in the morning and so on, you can cater to it all via your home kitchen or catering. However, when you accommodate your guests in the hotel the food choices and servicing become limited to the hotel menu and its kitchen timings. Serviced apartments come with their own fully furnished functional kitchen, allowing your guests to whip up their cup of tea/coffee/milk or meal anytime. Guests with diet restrictions or sensitivity can make their meals, order in or take an elevator ride to the restaurant or cafes in many serviced apartments and experience home-like comfort even though they are not at home.
Comfortable guests are happy guests, and happy guests make for happy weddings. Serviced apartments unarguably offer guests much more comfort than hotels, making complete sense to book serviced apartments over hotel rooms for wedding guests.

Author Bio:

Lysha works at Lalco Residency — (Hotels In Andheri) and she loves her job. Helping clients and monitoring the progress of business strategies along with her leadership skills make her perfectly suited for Hospitality services. You can catch up with Lysha at Lalco Residency in Mumbai.

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