4 Professional Interior Painting Tips Everyone Can Use

by Kevin Smith Author

Your interior painting technique can make or break your paint scheme. This is particularly true if you have a lot of open wall space. Painting professionals use a lot of tricks of the trade to get an amazing finish that you looking to do your own interior painting in Woodstock will not necessarily be aware of. Here are a few of those tips.

Mix Several Cans of Paint into a Large Bucket

This lets you mix all your paint into one place and helps regulate the paint colour. A slight variation between paint can paint can make a huge difference in colours once applied to your walls. By mixing it all in a large bucket, you make the colour of the paint uniform throughout. You also have to spend a lot less time filling paint holders.

Roll the Entire Height of the Wall

Anyone who has applied interior paint has experienced lap marks, those ugly vertical lines that are caused by uneven layers of paint buildup. To avoid them, follow three steps.

One, keep your edge wet; this will let you mix fresh wet paint with applied wet paint for a smooth finish as your roller overlaps the previous stroke.

Two, run the roller up and down the full height of the wall and move over about half a roller width with each stroke. This is important because stopping in “midstream” will create an uneven paint application and leave a mark.

Three, do not let your roller become dry. Reload often and do not leave it sitting around. Wet, interior paint can start to dry in as little as one minute.

Paint Trim First

Make sure you follow the same order painting a room: First the trim, then the ceiling and lastly, the walls. This is because it is easier to tape off trim than it is to tape off walls and you do not want to have to tape them both.

Prime and Texture Wall Patches

Holes and cracks with porous drywall compound often look blotchy when painted. This is because the fillers absorb the paint. The way to fix this is a primer. Primer seals the patch so the paint cannot be absorbed. Prime with a roller and feather the edges. Make sure your roller nap thickness matches the thickness of your wall patch.

A new coat of interior paint can transform the inside of your home. While a professional painter is almost always the way to ensure your pain job is done correctly, if you are looking for an interior painting in Woodstock and want to do it yourself, following these easy tips will ensure you have a finish event the pros will admire.

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