4 Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Treatments For Men

by Clinic Dermatech India's Best Skin & Hair Clinic

Do you dream of regaining fuller, thicker hair on your head without having to undergo a hair transplant?

Well, there can be many reasons why people don’t want to get a hair transplant. For some, it is just expensive and others may think it to be too extreme or dangerous. 

If you are any of these people and experiencing hair loss or thinning, do not fret because there are plenty of non-surgical hair restoration treatments available to help you achieve your hair goal. 

Non-surgical hair restoration treatments at Clinic Dermatech are backed by the latest scientific advancements to suit individual specific needs and wants. All our treatments are highly effective and designed to restore your hairline with natural-looking results and no scarring. 

Keep reading to explore the non-surgical hair restoration solutions before taking a final call on surgical methods. 

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  • Meso Therapy

Meso Hair Regain is an effective medical hair restoration procedure that nourishes and stimulates the hair follicles to give you healthier and stronger hair. This procedure works by injecting a unique formulation into your scalp with the help of micro-needling or fine injections. 

The formulation used by our hair experts is a potent mix of 56 active ingredients. They perform the Meso hair restoration procedure after carefully evaluating the specific requirements of the client. This way, they ensure that the delivery mechanism thus chosen fits their needs and offers them a comfortable experience.

  • PRP Hair Treatment

Our PRP Hair regain is another non-surgical hair restoration procedure that uses platelet-rich plasma to catalyze hair growth. This highly concentrated PRP solution is also delivered with the help of microneedles or injected directly into the scalp. The platelets within the blood contain proteins that stimulate cell growth and repair the damaged cells. One PRP hair regain session takes about an hour and it is common to expect redness and mild itching for a day or two. It is recommended to avoid washing your hair and scalp until the next morning. 

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  • CD Hair Regain System

Depending on the individual-specific needs, we also provide a combination of the above two procedures. CD Hair Regain is an innovative blend of two powerful therapies that help repair, strengthen and regrow your hair. This unique non-surgical system involves the platelet-rich plasma and a serum composed of adipose-derived stem cell (ASC) extracts and growth factors in high concentrations. Adipose-derived stell cells are powerful stem cells present in the fat cells and are considered an ideal cell source for regenerative medicine. 

  • Advanced Hair Design

Our innovative Advanced Hair Design procedure is another non-surgical hair restoration method considered most suitable for people suffering from partial hair loss. This process is 100 percent safe, painless, and quick. It works by setting an adequate placement of a hair patch on the patient’s head where baldness is most prominent. The hair patch used is prosthetic hair made from 100% original human hair. Our hair experts make sure to design hair patches that closely match the patient’s original hair. Because the hair attached is human hair, it gives a natural look to the patients and has no resemblance with the fake hair wig. 

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Bottom Line

With no history of hair loss or baldness in your family, suddenly seeing clumps of hair on your pillow and bathroom floor can be stressful. However, utilizing one of the above-mentioned non-surgical hair restoration treatments could be great for you. Our hair experts have managed to help hundreds of patients looking to restore fuller hair growth.

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