4 Handy tips for first-time home buyers in Navi Mumbai

by Abhishek Patil Search Engine Optimization

Buying a house is a dream that many people work towards their whole lives. And when you do get to that stage where you can afford to buy a house of your own with your own money, it is imperative that you do it right. It is important that you put in your hard-earned money in a 1 BHK in Navi Mumbai that deserves it. After all, you don’t buy a house every day, do you? It is a special event in your life to buy your first house and if you want that occasion to remain special for the right reasons, then you must take certain steps to ensure it stays that way. And in case you are unaware of what those steps and ideas are, this blog is just what you need to read. So here are some handy tips for first-time property buyers in Navi Mumbai, which are equally applicable for homebuyers in other cities as well. 

Think long term

When you go out to buy a house, always think about where you see yourself 10 or 15 years down the line. Do you see yourself having kids by that time? Do you expect your parents to move in with you when they get older and don’t stay in the pink of health? Make sure that the property you buy would be large enough for all these situations. We are not asking you to buy a 2 BHK if you have set out to buy a 2 BHK in Navi Mumbai. But just ensure that at least the rooms are spacious.

Make a checklist

More often than not, property buyers let their emotions take control of them when they have their heart set on a particular property. And when this happens, you tend to forget about what all you need from your property. So make a checklist of each and everything that you want to have in your dream property in Navi Mumbai. Do you want a school nearby? Do you need stilt car parking? Or do you need a master bedroom? Make a checklist containing all these details and visit this checklist every time you see a new property. Ensure that the property you are interested in ticks off most, if not all, of the boxes on the list.

Determine if the neighbourhood is ideal for you

We have seen many instances where property buyers fall in love with a property and buy it without verifying if the neighbourhood is ideal for them. The neighbourhood and its demographics matter a lot. The first and most important thing you need to check is the crime rate in the neighbourhood. No one would like to have their family live in a neighbourhood plagued with crime irrespective of how beautiful the property is. Also verify the distance from the locality to your workplace, unless you want to spend hours and hours commuting every day.

Verify the authenticity of all documents pertaining to the property before you book it

Now, even if the house you’ve looked at is breathtakingly beautiful, even if it is extremely close to your workplace, or even if it comes with the kingship of the world, do not buy the property before you verify the authenticity of all the documents pertaining to it. We have seen enough cases of fraudsters duping gullible property buyers. So unless you have a fantasy of doing the rounds of the court, hire an expert to verify if all the documents are perfect.

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These 4 tips are the most important ones for first-time property buyers. When you set out to buy flats in Kharghar or other nodes of Navi Mumbai, make sure that you abide by them. However, if you want to be absolutely sure that you are buying the right property, then buy flats in properties developed by the best and most reputed builders in Navi Mumbai, like say, Siddhivinayak Homes. Their flats are spacious, the property is situated at a prime location, the neighbourhoods are crime-free, and the documents are crystal clear. And that should be enough to assure you that you are indeed buying your dream house!

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