3 Top Mask Making Ideas for Kids

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To enact as Superheroes, fairy tales, Santa Clause, etc is every kid’s dream. If your child is also a fan or admirer of any cartoon character and wants to be like him or her, then don’t let it remain a dream for him, change it into a reality by surprising him with his favorite cartoon character’s mask.   You can find an overwhelming variety of masks available in the market, in different shapes, sizes, styles, colors, and designs for every age group. We, Marsinos have the Best Costume Masks according to your kid’s wish. Then why delay? Don’t miss a chance and let your kid dress up like he always wanted!

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The other way round is, teach him how to design and make his favorite superhero or superheroine mask. This activity will add a lot to his mind faculty and develop his creativity. You should not consider it a waste of his time because along with academics, your kid should perform excellently in creative and motor skills also. This activity will also help him pick up things fast and evoke in him a sense of appreciation for beauty. So, here in this post, we have for you the best 3 mask making ideas for your kids.

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1.      Fascinating Tiger Mask   

Let your kid be the little cub, roaring around the house.

Materials you require

v  Cardboard paper

v  Orange and black paint

v  Brown wool/fur

v  Golden color pattern

v  Glue

v  Scissor

 Tips to make

Ø  Cut the cardboard according to his face measurements.

Ø  Cut the holes in the eye portion

Ø  Color the mask in orange and black

Ø  Add the golden pattern around the holes cut out for the eyes.

Ø  Take the cardboard sheets to cut out the two circles to make ears and sick the brown wool/fur on the paper.

Ø  On the back of the tiger’s face, stick the ears with the glue. 

Ø  At last, thread the elastic through the small holes made on either side of the mask.


2.      Santa Mask

When Christmas is here, then how can your kid not dress up like a cute Santa Claus? Check out the procedure.

Materials you require

v  Cardboard

v  Red paint

v  Cotton

v  Elastic

v  Glue

v  Scissor

Tips to make

Ø  Cut the face according to his face measurement and paint it red.

Ø  Cut out holes for eyes.

Ø  With the use of glue, ask your child to stick the cotton on the mask to make beard and eyebrows of the Santa. 

Ø  Punch tiny holes on the side of the mask and tie the elastic.


3.      Easy to make Superhero Mask

Your child’s favorite superhero mask is here, let there be two superheroes, one on the TV and other in the house!

Materials you require

v  Colored paper

v  Scissor

v  Elastic 

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