3 Stunning Statement Rings for women

by Jennifer A. Life Style and Jewelry Blogger

‘Statement rings’ is the term used to define larger than normal rings that have elaborate features and have oversized diamonds or other gemstones. They are also known as ‘Cocktail rings’, although that is a comparatively old fashioned term normally used to denote rings that have vintage designs.

The older term was used because in the early 20th century these larger than life rings were worn by the more independent women who frequented bars and pubs. The flashing of the ring became a secret symbol for ordering alcoholic drinks, and thus the term ‘Cocktail drinks’ was born. Today, there are no such connotations attached and they are bought and worn for the aesthetic value alone.

Statement rings are large, have bold and bright colors, and are generally associated with confidence and independence. A statement ring is generally seen as an extension of one’s personality, and may have customized engravings or stories attached to them.

There is quite a bit of further historic evolution that statement rings have seen. Until the middle of the twentieth century, expensive statement rings were seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity, and it was only after new machinery was developed around this time that statement rings became more affordable.

Since then, statement rings have enjoyed constant popularity and have grown even more popular since the turn of the century. Today, jewelry is as affordable as it has ever been, and women show a greater tendency to move away from traditionally safe jewelry pieces to try out newer and bolder styles.

Further, regardless of the bold and often bulky structures, statement rings are highly versatile and can be worn for all kinds of occasions with different kinds of attires. While for the workplace, women are better off choosing a subtler piece, especially if the intention is to accompany it with another piece or two. However, wearing a statement ring unaccompanied can also give you an interesting yet professional look.

Finally, for casual and semi-formal occasions, statement rings are quite perfect, especially if you pick out an outfit that goes with the piece. Statement rings work best when they are the ‘star of the show’. This means that you should create a look that proves complimentary to your ring, and works to further accentuate its presence.

For further help, we have listed out three stunning statement ring designs that are perfect for all kinds of occasions:

1.   Dainty Honeycomb Statement Rope Ring in Rose Gold: The one complaint that women often have with large statement rings is that they are too bulky, and sparkly. While sometimes finding the right outfit for more tacky rings can prove to be a headache, certain women simply prefer rings that are easier on the eye, and stand out without being too bulky.

Dainty rope ring

Apart from the tender color, the ring has a unique hexagonal design and features 7 cubic Zirconia gemstones. The rose gold metal is hand polished while the entire piece is handmade, which makes every ring unique and special. Further, the ring goes well with all kinds of attires and can be worn on all occasions.


2.   Honeycomb Signet Statement Rope Ring In Solid Gold: Moving on, we have another highly versatile ring that works well in all kinds of situations. The gold rope ring has a simple, bold design, with a hexagonal yellow screen on the front. The ring can be customized with initials of your choice and is one of the most popular Honeycomb Signet rings that we sell.

gold statement ring

Further, the ring is sleek and comfortable, and comes in three color choices: Rose gold, White gold, and Yellow gold.

Further, not only are all our products handmade, they are made in America and use the best quality 100% natural diamonds and gemstones.


3.   Diamond Nugget Round Signet Solid Rose Gold Ring: While the above two ring designs are more suitable for women, the last piece that we want to talk about is fit for all genders. The diamond nugget signet ring is perfect for women who do not like sparkly rings, and prefer pieces that can be worn ruggedly on an every-day basis.

Signet gold ring

Further, the ring features a metal plate that can have engraved initials, or be left blank. The diamond is placed snugly in a metal crevice, which makes it a sturdy piece, overall. Further, the ring features a geometric design on the top with symmetrical metal lines.

Apart from the available customizations, the ring comes in three color options, namely rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold!


While there are various other beautiful statement rings that we sell, such as the twisted rope ring, the rope band ring, along other rope ring jewelry. At Takar Jewelry, we take pride in the quality of our products. We use only 100% natural gemstones, and all of our pieces are made in America. Further, as all our products are handmade, every piece that we send to customers is truly unique and special in its own right. You can find many unique statement rings on the site.

Finally, we hope that the above list of the best gold statement rings proves useful to you. Our final recommendation is to try out one of our rose gold statement rings, especially if you plan to buy it for somebody else!

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