3 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Give Up Cold Calling For Good

by Avadhesh Sharma SEO Analyst

The real estate industry has a love and hate relationship with the cold call. Before the introduction of digital technology, the sales world was ruled by phones. In plenty of ways, it is still used as a tool by real estate agents. In today’s generation, the phone has fallen out of favour for numerous reasons.


The process of calling someone with whom you have no relationship at present to gain their business is called Cold Calling. People will view you as a telemarketer when you choose to practice this type of business. According to the survey, even the telemarketers think that their work is the one that makes the world worse.


Using the phone to call customers, clients or lead is not appropriate. People also think that cold calling is like interrupting people in an ineffective and intrusive way just to do some business. It makes people irritated to a great extend as we.

Top three reasons why real estate agents should stop using the process of real estate cold calling to gain business. Keep reading to know about these reasons.


People Hate To Be Interrupted By Phone Calls

According to the surveys and studies conducted by PEW Research, more than seventy per cent of people choose emails or text messages over phone calls. The unexpected intrusion, the time that is taken to make phone calls and also the way people choose to use their phones causes this kind of preferences and likings.


Most people these days use their phones to use email, social media accounts, browsing and texting. This is the reason why people do not like to be distributed by unknowns call them while they are at work or doing something important. Phone calls have reduced over the past few years as it takes time to call someone. On average, people all around the world choose to send and receive texts than calling anyone.


Another thing that real estate agents and companies should think about is that nearly one-third of people have introverted personalities. Some reports show that most people who have introverted personalities hate to talk to get interrupted by calls from unknown people.


Not Everyone Likes Cold Calling

Even an amazing salesperson will start to hate their job if they have to perform cold calls every day. Every person does not have that much potential to make a cold call and convince people. Most people have a personality that is not so compatible with the process of cold calls as it can be difficult for them to handle constant conflict and rejection by the receiver.

Some agents also feel burnout with the process of cold calls as they have to rely on the scripts to speak or communicate with people. Scripts make the conversations boring, monotonous and repetitive. Rather than focusing on making a good relationship with the potential customers and clients, telemarketers will feel disengaged and robotic from the customer's end.


There Are Ways to Build Relationship in A Better Way


In a recent study, the researchers have found that less than two per cent of the cold calls results in an appointment that is being set. It is also found that around sixty-two per cent of cold calling per lead than the inbound marketing, only two per cent of consumers want to contact by telephone. An eighty percent of people will not buy anything for the person who makes a cold call.


Before people used the internet, there used to be a one-way flow of information from the business to the consumer. With the rise of social media, consumers have started to make group conversations with the clients and customers along with the brand.


Today consumers have a sufficient amount of information available which pushes back the need to talk to any salesperson before they have made their mind for the purchase. This is the reason why inbound marketing has become extremely successful.


The world leaders in the field of marketing show that inbound marketing is a type of approach that focuses on attracting clients and customers through interactions and content which are helpful and relevant rather than being interruptive.


Inbound marketers have started using channels like emails, social media, SEO, blogs and events which will help find opportunities that build your relationships and helps solve problems. The inbound marketers deliver to consumers who want to have conversations related to real estate. It is completely your choice what and how you want to run your business. Non-intrusive methods are usually less costly and are one of the most effective strategies.

Therefore it is better to stop real estate cold calling and choose other methods.

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