3 Fences That Made World Records

by Kevin Smith Author

Fences have been used for centuries to protect properties. Owners are assured that their homes and business sites won't be targeted by thieves or broken into by animals. While their main purpose is to safeguard people, some gained international recognition because they're also remarkable attractions and icons. Here are 3 of them.

Dingo Fence

The 3,488-mile barrier in Australia is recognized as the longest fence in the world, cutting off the fertile southeastern region. It was originally constructed in the late 1800s to keep out crop-destroying rabbits. Later on, dingoes became a larger problem since they were eating the livestock of farmers. Before they could do more damage, the government began spending millions to make the railing bigger. It was completed by the early 1990s and had successfully deterred sheep-eating wild dogs.


In 2009, it was announced as a cultural icon in Queensland because of its role in innovation. Today, it stands as 6-foot tall, multi-strand electric railing surrounded by a 15-foot clearance zone on either side.

The Fence

Its current version is made out of concrete, but the original one was crafted from wood and was once announced as the most painted object in the world. It was built in 1923 at the Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, and it was considered as the campus' unofficial billboard. For 70 years, students had colored and drawn on the barrier to proclaim various messages. Unfortunately, it collapsed in 1993 since it couldn't handle its weight because of the thick layer covering it.


The steel-reinforced concrete replacement still sits in the middle of the campus to uphold their university tradition. Students continue to paint it to this day to break the previous world record.

Teddy Bear Fence

It's proclaimed as the longest barrier made of teddy bears, spanning up to 0.6 miles. Like the Dingo Fence, it's also found in Australia. A radio host and their daughters attached plush toys to the mesh in 2017, and other people soon followed until it had more than 1,500 stuffed animals fastened to it. Many kids loved the idea, and it was considered as an unofficial landmark.


Meanwhile, the railing alarmed local councils because of potential road safety concerns. Some people were also slashing the teddy bears, which led to a huge mess. As of 2019, there was already significant damage to the popular attraction.


If you're inspired by these record-holding barriers, you can also build a remarkable variant for your home or your business site. Whether you need a commercial chain link or residential aluminum fence in Tampa, FL, there are many contractors who can install a durable and beautiful one for your property. Make sure to think of a unique concept fit for worldwide recognition!  

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