3 Exercises that Make Tejocote Root Work Better

by Sanjay Nandy Digital Marketing Manager

This article highlights 3 types of physical workouts or exercises that you can do to make the Tejocote Root supplement work best for regulating weight gain. These exercises are easy and fun to do! Read to know in detail.


Exercises are not only good for losing weight but also for your overall health. Even if your body weight is normal, you should always indulge in some regular physical exercises or jogging as it keeps your heart healthy and eases joint and knee pain. Needless to say, if you are suffering from obesity disorders like unintentional weight gain, then exercises become even more vital. But only a physical workout doesn’t help you to fight obesity. You need a powerful and wholesome diet and an effective herbal supplement made with Tejocote Root to support your weight management practice.  


Let’s get into detail about the type of exercises you need to follow along with supplement intake to lose weight. The total time you are required to allow for these free weight exercises is around 30 minutes.


Forward Lunge

 This one is very easy to start with and it includes 3 steps.

Step 1: Stand straight with both of your hands placed on your hips sidewise.

Step 2: Keeping the spine upright and tall, lower your body by putting forward your right leg. By lunging forward make a half-sitting posture with the back leg forming a 90-degree angle where your left knee touches the ground.

Step 3: Pause and then step back to the initial posture mentioned in the first step. Repeat the same thing with the left leg.


This 3-step exercise should be repeated 10 times for each side and is considered to work best for weight loss as it puts pressure on multiple muscles at the same time.



 This is also a 3 step exercise that needs to be repeated 8 to 12 times to bring results.


Step 1: Stand straight with feet apart as per your shoulder width and arms at both sides. Now jump and bend your knees while pushing the hips back and then touch the ground with your both palms.  Come back to your original position by raising your palms slowly and keeping the hips straight.

Step 2: Bend forward with straight arms and palms reaching the floor. Support your body weight on your hands by doing a plank position, Keep your legs straight and feet wide apart. The toes should point tip the ground. Keep your body firm for 1 min and then jump back to the standing position gradually.

Step 3: Jump with your feet forward and hands overhead like you want to touch the sky. Repeat the same thing for 8 to 12 times.


This practice impacts your chest and legs and helps your body to build lean muscles.



Squats are 2-step workout and are a must for those who want to control weight gain on their hips and thighs.

Step 1: Start by keeping your feet wide apart and both palms clasped together in the front at the level of your chest.

Step 2: Put your entire body weight on your heels with the back completely straight and hips in the sitting position. Try bending the knees as further as you can so as to make a squat position. While doing this, the pace must be even and you need to hold the body for a minute and then rise back slowly to the start.

Repeat for 15 times and you are good to go! Squats are a must because it helps in strength building and you can shed weight from your lower part of your body at the same time.


We all know that physical exercises are imperative for weight loss especially when you are trying out some fat-burn-boosting supplement. These exercises not only help in bringing you back to shape but also improve body functioning which is essential for the Tejocote Root supplement to perform efficiently.  Besides this, drinking plenty of water and following a healthy diet are the other two things you need to keep in mind to accomplish your weight management goal and stay hale and hearty.  

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