2020’s Best Graphic Cards for Gaming and Creative Pursuits.

by Julia Ann Content writer

While there are time that one can get away from an integrated graphics unit but there are times when one may need a little helping hand to finish off some tasks. And when I say tasks I am talking about performance demanding tasks like gaming, video editing, visual designing and program development.

Without a dedicated graphic card you really can’t go on. Gamers are the most affected by this since these days you can’t play any game with a sufficient graphics unit. And by sufficient I mean your graphics unit should really have to juice to provide you with the experience that you are looking for.

Not only this, if you are a iOS App Development Company then investing in the right gear is really necessary. So, here is a list of the top graphic card units that can take care of your gaming and graphic development needs.

Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce GT 1030:

On this list you would find graphic units that are expensive but we have a really good option here with the Nvidia GeForce GT 1030. This graphic unit will allow you to run most of the modern games in HD Low Setting without spending a fortune.

This card is designed for budget users or novel PC builders that may want to try their hand on building a rig. This is a pretty cheap graphic card that kills at a super low 30 watt thermal design power makes it great for most mainstream games that are popular in eSport.

For first time builders it is very awesome as it is really easy to setup. But the biggest selling point is the new graphics processor installed in this unit that starves at GP108 and consists of 1.8 billion transistors in its 70 square millimeter package.

Equipped with three streaming multi-processors and 380 cuda cores /SM in the pascal and architectures makes this small beast to get your hands on if you are looking for something minimal.

This baby can be overclocked with the Aorist graphics engine and comes with a nice fan design that help keep the unit cool at all times.

GForceNavidia GTX1660 Super:

If you want to go one up from the aforementioned graphics unit then this is the start you want. This unit can run games at full HD resolution with a higher graphic setting making this the best card for its money. Being very affordable for what it offers this unit has the ability to deliver superb performance for full HD gaming.

Thanks to its amazing cooling design and metal cooling fin the graphic card can perform without getting too hot. Compared to its predecessor the GTX 1600 Super is a major upgrade, delivering plenty of things those hardcore gamers want from their graphics unit.

This unit is faster compared to its predecessor as it comes with GDDR6 memory which delivers more for its price. Just like its previous versions its based on the same TU116 GPU construction and has the same number of Cuda Cores which makes it 1048 as the original 1660.

Performing at 14 Gigabits/Second as compared to 8 Gigabits/Second makes this card able to run all Tripple A games super smooth.


This coming in from AMD is the XFX AMD Radeon VII. This unit isn’t packed with fancy technology like AI learning, Real-Time Ray Tracing or CrossFire Support. But what it lacks in these features it can surly make up for it in sheer power. This unit is a beast. Period.

Thanks to its extra VRam this unit earns a special place in the hearts of video editors. This unit is the direct competitor of the GeForce RTX 2080 and it’s a serious one indeed.

This unit packs a 16 Gigabytes video ram and a super high boost of clock speed at about 1800 megahertz. The XFX AMD Radeon VII has everything one might need when it comes to gaming as weel as creative prowess.

This is AMDs first ever graphics unit that possesses the 7nm architecture which when compared to the Turing Architecture of Nvidia at 12nm is amazing. This increases the performance of any graphic unit by 25%.

In terms of performance this online tutoring services in synthetic benchmark tests and has the ability to run all Triple A games at 4K ultra high settings and for creativity it is the very best.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti:

This is the definite best graphics unit in the market by a mile, at least in the consumer grade industry. This graphics card is an absolute mammoth and manages to deliver super high FPS, 4K gaming, ray tracing revolution, USB-C connectivity and despite being very expensive is a very worthy investment.

This long-term graphics unit besides being super powerful delivers above 60 frames at 4K resolution at ultra-high settings. This best is pushing the graphic technologies thanks to its real-time ray tracing ability and AI learning mechanism.

This is no other elite; however one does need a powerful CPU to get the best out of this card. On terms of features this card possess 11 Gigabytes of GDDR5 Ram, packed with 4352 Cuda Cores and a boost clock speed of 1635 megahertz. 

Two other types of features that makes this cards worthy of getting your hand on is firstly, it has 68 articles of power ray tracing allowing the card to render more complex lights and shadows.

Secondly, it comes with a large number of portsincluding an NV link for multi card setups and a USB-C video out port which supports UHD video.

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