2020- Human Resources without Humans?

by Tina Anderson Tech Junkie Marketer

Prosperity and fortune of a business depend on how it deploys its factors of production to deliver high-quality products or services while achieving cost-effectiveness and maximum profits.


In today’s age, we are surrounded by massive amounts of data and easy-to-access robust computer innovations that are constantly growing. On top of it, AI is exponentially making its way into many industries and sectors aiming to improve and simplify their operations systematically.

Latest AI trends suggest that factories around the world will be deploying more than 1.7 million robots by the end of 2020.


What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence or AI in business is the use of algorithms that smartly imitate the human brain and use data to solve cognitive issues to provide insights and predictions that assist in logical decision making concerning business activities.


The future of HR is both human and digital


Just like Internet of Production is gradually revamping industrial processes, AI is also sweeping in to the business world to bring remarkable changes in various domains including HR, which deals with building, supporting and improving human relationships within an organization to promote productivity.


The constant need for human interaction and involvement in the HR processes has made way for AI to enter the field to increase responsiveness of HR activities. From recruiting new workforce to talent management and training, AI is bringing revolutionary changes to HR procedures organizations by automating monotonous and time-consuming tasks while giving more time to HR teams to focus on strategic decisions.


Here are five ways AI can revamp HR procedures in 2020 and beyond:


Talent Acquisition and Resume Digging

For businesses to grow by leaps and bounds in this competitive era, they need to work at full capacity, and hire fresh and highly competent candidates in shorter periods to meet their goals and objectives.


The first few stages of the recruitment process can be repetitive, tiring and time consuming. 52% of employers say that screening applicants from a large pool of candidates is the hardest part of recruitment.  


One of the advantages of using AI for recruiters is that it can assist them in filtering out the most suitable applicants in a short period. AI can work like magic and accelerate the initial steps of the hiring process by performing various tasks like screening applicants’ resumes and comparing them with existing employees with the same job title to see if they are the right fit for the job description.


AI Chatbots can be deployed to make repetitive queries from candidates about their age, experience, skills, and education. This will make sifting potential candidates for further screening much easier, and initiate a quick and unbiased hiring process while adding more value to it.

Hiring managers can also use AI to look for potential candidates through extensive databases of past applicants for future hiring. Filtering and tracking candidates through AI can streamline the recruitment process and save a lot of time


Administration Duties

Another potential sphere in which an AI-based software can facilitate recruiters is the performance of basic HR procedures and routine activities such as scheduling interviews and follow-ups. Instead of allocating resources to carry out these simple tasks manually, they can be done through a suitable application instead.  


Automated chatbots can also allow a company to access unlimited information that can provide it with a deep insight into activities and performance in a jiffy. Moreover, AI software can drastically decrease the workload of HR staff as it can deal with employee-related issues, leave submissions and queries and provide them with quick responses efficiently.


When the HR staff has less low-key tasks on its plate, they can work on creating and improving HR strategies to strengthen employee relationships and build a happy workplace environment.



Businesses can use AI in combination with AR and VR to train their employees and be ahead of the game. Personalizing training content according to the needs of the organization can prove to be a win-win situation at both ends.


Extensive datasets that consist of details on past employees and their skills are a great source to conduct training programs through e-learning AI platforms, which can be used to provide training to employees to polish and enhance their skillsets.


AI e-learning platforms can also help HR staff to determine strengths and weaknesses of employees and their needs. This way, a company will be able to provide its employees with the necessary training and knowledge that would help them in their career growth. An AI-powered platform is also capable of suggesting suitable career options or roles to applicants i.e. career-paths based on their resume, skills, and strengths.


An E-learning platform can make it convenient for employees to polish their skills or fill skill-gaps at any place, any time. All they need is a stable internet connection like Spectrum Tampa FL to access the company’s E-learning platform without any restrictions or time constraints.



Retention and Promotion

AI plays an important role in upgrading crucial HR functions and therefore enhances the overall employee experience. From structuring talent processes to lessening employee turnover and managing important functions like performance management, people analytics, career-pathing, and workforce planning, AI assists the HR staff to perform their duties fruitfully.

Using AI tools to access performance of employees aids the HR department in analyzing and figuring out who should get a raise and who wants to leave. The refined AI technology of IBM can predict which employees are about to leave with 95% accuracy. Isn’t it astonishing?


Being aware of how many resignations you might receive gives you a heads up to make efforts to retain employees and prevent them from leaving the company. Companies can use Voice of Employee (VoE) platforms to increase employee engagement. VoE platforms use various AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing and textual analysis that help their HR department to study employees’ behavioral patterns and emotions, which in turn prevents employee turnover.


Such retention oriented Al software and tools allow the HR department to carry out surveys, establish reward systems and acknowledgment schemes to further encourage employees to stay in the company.  


For example, through VoE, firms can study survey data or social media responses of their employees to keep an eye on their negative and positive thoughts regarding the workplace. For instance, if employees are unhappy about long working hours or too much workload, then the HR department can take the necessary steps to solve their issues.


Some extra food for thought: A global Oracle survey of 8,300 HR professionals showed that 64% of the employees trust robots more than their managers.



The main aim of using AI tools and software in HR processes is to increase candidate experience and build strong company-employee relationships. Before deciding to deploy AI technologies to HR, it is advised to analyze how and for what you want to use them for.


Despite being extremely useful, there are some limitations that your company needs to deal with before deciding to employ AI technologies in HR procedures:


  1. It can be a little expensive and difficult to find skilled individuals who have expertise in the application of AI technologies in the HR field.
  2. HR data needs to be saved, backed up and secured regularly.
  3. AI technologies need to be updated, reviewed and maintained just like all other technologies that requires efficient developers as well as a robust and blazing-fast internet connection.


The main reason for using AI in HR activities is to save time, cut long-run costs and increase employee satisfaction and skills. If you are in Tampa, FL and willing to employ AI software and tools to automate your HR processes and thinking of upgrading your resources, then you can start by visiting here to get a fast and secure internet connection to ensure that your company can use AI resources in the best way possible from day one.


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