2019: The Year Of The Hidden Camera & Why It Matters

by Scott M. Professional Writer
Video Is Never Going Away!

With advancements in technology, video is more important than ever and more watched than ever i.e. YouTube, Vine, FB, there's no end to where we watch it.  However, that comes with some tricky ways to capture it all and more importantly how we watch it.  The stigma that hidden cameras are just for prank shows and spy gear is obsolete.  Hidden cameras have remarkable benefits and should be your go-to gadget for 2019.

Full disclosure: I need to fully state and make clear that there are rules and law surround recording devices and uploading them.  So do your own research before you record or post anything.  I'm just telling you what's out there.  I can't endorse the illegal use of these products or what you choose to do with them.  Learn the laws folks! 

First of all, not every hidden camera offers what you need, which is remote access to your phone so you can see it live and upload it.  The technology out there now allows your hidden camera footage to be instantaneously viewed and then easily uploaded to your liking. So the trick is to have a hidden camera for your desired recording.  

There are a few good ones to consider besides the basic 'crib camera' that you can buy at any Wal-Mart or Target.  Here is my list of covert cameras that are awesome for recording.  

1 | Glass Cameras:  If you haven't already tried these out, you are missing out.  It's so much more fun than strapping a GoPro on your head and walking around like a fool.  Besides, GoPros are only good if it's adventurous and outside.  But if you hit the night club, dinner or the streets with some hipster, black rimmed glasses, you'll be inconspicuous and still able to record your night.

2| Camera Pens: This thing is tiny and super easy to move not only into positions, but capable of capturing a wide-angle that will put most cameras to shame.  Be careful, with these though, they tend to get lost and with the size, you need to treat them well.

3 | Baseball Cap: Hat Cameras seem a little goofy, but they totally can work!  The hats are a little heavy, but honestly you can barely tell and no one else will.  Most of the hats are pretty basic i.e. black, button back, etc.  But they offer a good shot and are fun for outdoor activities. 

4 & Last |  The Nanny Cam:  Yes, this is the basic hidden camera  that is usually permanent in place and is used for surveillance in your home, office, building, property, whatever.  Again, the idea is more for peace of mind or capturing cute moments that happen behind-the-scenes, but these are great for regular every-day video.

The main point, is hidden cameras, aren't just for spying or government surveillance.  They can be a lot of fun and can be used to capture significant moments in your life.  Give hidden cameras a chance to make your 2019 more exciting.

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