2013 Autocom CDP+ release 2 with Release 3 2012 Delphi Software

by Andy Yang OBD scan tool online shopping from china.

This item not only including 2012 Release 2 Autocom CDP+ diagnostic software, But also including Release 3 2012 Delphi Cars Diagnostic software,

2013 Release 2 2012 Autocom CDP+ is a diagnostic tool used with a PC or Pocket PC and Autocoms powerful CARS and Trucks Diagnostic software, making it a powerful and flexible tool for all vehicle shops, fleet owners, vehicle testing, road service, police and armed forces.

One Autocom CDP+ with 4 kinds different  Diagnostic software:

Software.1: Release 2 2012 Autocom CDP+ Cars

Software.2: Release 2 2012 Autocom CDP+ Trucks

Software.3:  2013 GENERIC Diagnostic software for Autocom CDP+
Software.4:   Release 3 2012 DELPHI Cars Diagnostic(Can be used on Autocom CDP+ from ADKTECH)

Notice:  Because the Release 2 Autocom CDP+ Car&Trucks and Release 3 Delphi software need to be activated

How to activate Release 2 autocom CDP+ software(If you order the machine,and can be activated for free anytime):

pls check: Activate 2012 Release autocom CDP


How to activate 2012 Release 3 Delphi software (If you order the machine,and can be activated for one time, if need another activation, pls check. ):

At now, 2013  Delphi car diagnostic software is release 3 2012 - Delphi Europe Service Operations

The Delphi DS105E offers simple and user-friendly navigation that makes operation fast and efficient, and can be used on Autocom CDP+ from ADKTECH(Professional Car Diagnostic Factory)

1st:  Free Download the Delphi Diagnostic PC Software,

DS150E (For cars) / DS350E / DS500E / DS800E

Delphi Diagnostic Application tables

Application List (EU countries)
Application List (Non EU countries)

2st: Open the Delphi Diagnostic software, and install it

        2012 release 3 delphi softwar

      choose DS150E, button next

   How to install 2012 Release 3 Delphi DS105E on your PC

3st: The preparation for activation Release 3 2012 Delphi software

        how to block internet access when activating Release 3 2012 Delphi software

       Firstly: disconnect your internet, or you can't activate 2012 Release 3 Delphi by USB  Stick,  by the way,  some customer will question, if not disconect from internet, when i  activate the 2013 Delphi Release 3 software, how to fix? pls following this way:


open the host (use the notepad). and copy these words to your host file:

If it is cockamamie for your,  pls back-up your host file,and then replace your host file by this host file (Download),  after the Delphi software have be activated, pls recove your host file,

secondly:   remove Autocom Delphi software certificate from your PC
                   Download the Patch file  and remove certificate.rar

                  following:   run : remove certificate.exe

    -> it will remove original autocom Delphi certificate from windows certificates folder.  

  you also can try: run: certmgr.msc in CMD,  and choose:

Certificates-current User(need administrator)--Personal-Certificates-Choose Autocom***, and delete it.

Then copy patch content to Delphi installation dir (Must overwriting original files), usually installation dir is C:Program FilesDelphi, if you haven't change the installation dir. for example, the delphi software is installed on D: disk:

2012 release 3 delphi dir

Thirdly:  Notice: the below two steps have be finished.

After you finished with them, you can start Delphi activation. just try!

1. Open Delphi DS150E software, it will start activation process.

2012 release 3 delphi

2.  Delphi Software activation:  input: Serial number:100251,Hardware key:

How to install 2012 Release 3 Delphi DS105E on your PC

3. Choose activate via USB stick

autocom delphi

4. Insert USB stick to your PC(Min. 1MB Free Space)

5.  About 2-5 seconds, The programmer will write information to your USB Stick

6.  Eject USB Stick,  send the FileActivation.xml on USB stick to us: info@OBD2MOTOR.COM

7:  overwriting the old FileActivation.xml by new FileActivation.xml file(from us)

8:  Insert USB stick into your PC agian, Now the software is activated.

install 2012 Release 3 Delphi DS105E on your PC

Release 3 2012 Delphi software_licence

Notice:  pls don't following the step on the Picture, or can't  be activated

How to install 2012 Release 3 Delphi DS105E on your PC

How to install 2012 Release 3 Delphi DS105E on your PC

Release 3 2012 Delphi software:
Release 3 2012 Delphi software
Delphi DS150E software

Delphi DS150E software



if you need use the Autocom CDP+ from ADKTECH, you need make frimware update, we can't make sure others supplier autocom CDP+ support frimware update

connect interface to car .( for power )

setting , hw test , it wll have a message ask about frimware update .
clict to ok and it wll make frimware update.
you need wait few minute for frimware update
.( when is make frimware update ,dont close software or dont remove power ,etc )

then you can use Delphi 2012 release3

Delphi Autocom Release 3 firmware Update

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