2 Most Influential Computer Scientists of the 20th Century

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Computers were not always as fun as they are today. The cool video game consoles were missing. No smartphones to upload photos and status with. iPhone and windows were completely out of question. And surely no fancy gadgets and software powered by Artificial intelligence to dream and fantasize about. But there were people. People with enough grit, perseverance, dedication, and faith, who believed that such a future could exist. And hence they devoted their entire lifetime to make it happen. So if you are done with your computer science homework, and are too hopeful about the future your subject would bring. Then you surely need to know about these 2 scientists, who believed the same as you. But without all the resources and fun that you have nowadays.

1. John McCarthy, Father of Artificial Intelligence

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, on 4 September 1927, John McCarthy saw what not many scientists could of his time. It was the vision and work of this American scientist in the field of cognitive science for which he is hailed as the father of artificial intelligence. Long before Hollywood made movies based on virtual computer villains, and Tony Stark was the beloved American superhero because of his AI assistant Jarvis, McCarthy toiled day and night in his Stanford and MIT computer labs to turn these science fantasies into a reality. According to experts at a top college assignment help services, works of John MacCarthy could easily be referenced to for an interesting computer science assignment topic.

Uncle John, a nickname he was given by his students, was said to have championed mathematical logic for artificial intelligence. Even the term “Artificial Intelligence” was coined by him. A term that soon came to be known as a field of study after his famous Dartmouth conference of 1956. In an interview to Los Angeles Times,  Lester Earnest, a close colleague of John, attributed the discovery of the Internet, cloud computing, and servers, to John’s time-sharing systems.

2. Grace Hopper, Mother of COBOL

You can call Grace Hopper as the mix of Howard Stark, father of Tony Stark, and Captain America. That’s because she was an American computer scientist and a Rear Admiral in Navy, and was instrumental in the final years of World War II. An inventor of the first compiler related tool, Grace Hopper worked on Harvard Mark I, an IBM computer that was used for deciphering the enemy’s code in World War II. Alumni of Yale University and Vassar College, she was nicknamed “Amazing Grace” for her services to the American Navy. Top college assignment help services advise on studying works of Grace Hopper to understand the importance of research in the field of Computer Science.

During her career as a computer scientist, she always dreamed and introduced the idea of machine-independent programming language, which could enable programmers to code in English. This idea was later realized by the combined work of Grace and people who participated in the CODASYL consortium, and COBOL was born. So one could make a case that no computer science homework could ever be a reality without works of Grace Hopper.

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