2 DIY Techniques That Can Be Used At Home For Auto Hail Repair


Every year, a large number of people file insurance claims for auto hail damage caused due to the effect of hailstones that leave behind dents all over car bodies. In such circumstances, one needs to take the help of an auto hail repair company Denver. This is a problem that can hardly be avoided, since one cannot predict the onset of a hailstorm at any particular time. There are numerous methods using which one can repair the damage caused by the hailstones.

1.       Use dry ice and hair dryers for dent repairs:

For dents which are small in size, the repair can be completed at the comfort of one’s home with the help of certain DIY techniques. These involve the use of hair dryers to heat the surface of the car so that the surface of the car expands naturally and the dents come out. One can also park the car under the sun for some time to let the car surface to heat up appropriately. After the heating process is completed, one needs to allow the car to cool using dry ice on the dented surface. This alternate heating and cooling process allows the car to pop the dents out.

While this is an effective method of car repair, one needs to put in ample of time towards the repair of the car. Also the procedure needs to be performed on a constant basis, allowing the dents to come out from their position. After every two minutes, one needs to apply the heat and then the dry ice to allow the expansion and contraction procedure to work appropriately.

2.       Use a dent repair kit for the dent removal:

For persistent dents that refuse to give away, one can make use of a dent repair kit, which includes certain tools that help with the dent removal procedure. One can easily find a dent repair kit from a local supply shop.  Firstly, you need to attach the pulling tab to the dented area of the car using the glue provided in the kit. Next, connect the tab to the puller and tighten the handle by attaching it to the end of the pulling tab. When you turn the handle, the pulling tab is pulled up and away from the car body.

As the glue holds the pulling tab to the body of the car, pulling the tab leads to pulling of the dented area, thus helping the dent to come out rapidly.

The two methods mentioned above can be quite effective in removing the dents without spending a large sum on the repair procedure. However, the DIY techniques might not always work and one could cause more damage than good while undertaking the repair procedure. The professional technicians use the procedure of paintless dent repair Denver for the auto hail repair.

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