15 Romantic Good Morning Words for Lovers

by Fernando S. Online expert
There are many ways to make your loved ones happy, one of them by giving a word of romantic good morning. Although it looks simple, but it can make him excited to go through the day. If you need inspiration, find these quotes here.

Daily activities generally begin since opening your eyes in the morning. Getting a word of romantic Good Morning Quotes from your beloved will certainly make you more eager to open the day. In this article, there are 15 words of romantic good morning greetings for your loved ones that you can convey to you so that the day is more beautiful.

Let's encourage people who have a special place in your heart with this beautiful string of words in this article. Not only for couples or lovers, you can also give your best friend a good morning.

Show that you are a friend and a good and caring lover. By giving  to your loved ones before starting the day, you can add enough motivation to go through the day.

1. Hurry up

Morning sun rises from the east. True friends are always entertaining. Come on, hurry up from the bed.


Inviting someone to start the day faster is certainly very good. Many positive things can be obtained when someone gets up and gets ready faster.

Invite your best friend to immediately get up and start a new day. This quote is right for you to send as a good morning greeting to your best friend.

2. Too valuable

Get up. Because morning is too valuable. Tuk we pass. By falling asleep.

Banda Neira, Walks Further

This indie band whose songs are very enjoyable to hear has beautiful words to describe the beginning of the day. It is described that during dawn, many beautiful things can be enjoyed.

Wake up friends by giving him a short message from the fragments of the lyrics of this song. Don't let him miss beautiful things at dawn just because he is still asleep.

3. Be excited, friend!

The spirit of friends, may a beam of Divine light emanate illuminating the heart of today.


The word to start the day is not just to invite friends to open their eyes. In the greeting can also contain a prayer for your close friend.

An example is this one Islamic morning greeting. The above quote will also give greetings, enthusiasm, and prayers for your friends who receive it.

4. Alarms and Friends

Dreamers like you don't need words. You need a big alarm and a annoying friend like me.


There must be yes, one of your best friends whose hobbies are familiar with pillows and bolsters. It's been his hobby to sleep, it's hard to wake up anyway.

It may be necessary to install a large alarm and filter out his voice so he can wake him up. You can use this quote with the intention of insinuating it funny .

5. Weather forecast

Today's weather forecast for all my friends: If you read this message, there will be no clouds hanging on your sunny day.


Many media and methods can be used to say good morning to friends. One way is through your social media account.

Write this quote as your morning status or your Instagram caption . Enlighten the timeline of social media by sharing positive messages.

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