15 Most Essential Tools For Graphic Designers in Adobe Illustrator

by Ravi Bhadauria ADMEC Multimedia Institute

Whether you're a novice and trying your hands in graphic design, or you're an industry pro looking to upgrade and expand your existing skills, learning fundamental tools in Adobe Illustrator will always be of great help. Remember, being a good designer isn't about having the latest hardware or software, it would be of no help if you don't know how to make use of it effectively and are not able to execute ideas with ease. In this article, we're going to talk about the 10 most essential tools in Adobe Illustrator. Whether you're into logo design, icon design, illustrations, product packaging, stationery design or any other form of graphic design, you'll definitely want to read this article, since you'll learn something new and interesting about the software that you use on a daily basis.

Top 10 Indispensable Tools in Adobe Illustrator

1. Artboard Tool

With the help of this gadget, designers can have multiple artboards within one document. By using the artboard tool, you can add a new artboard or resize your current artboards. You can also copy existing artboards by clicking and dragging it while holding keys (command or alt).

2. Selection, Direct Selection, and Group Selection Tool

With selection tool, selections on paths or curved lines can be made. On the other hand, with the direct selection tool, it helps to transform a curve by adjusting the length of control handles but also changes the shape of a path by moving the position of anchor points. This is one of the best gadgets available in the Tools panel. Group selection tool is used to easily select a specific object within a group in order to move, edit, or resize it individually.

3. Shape Tools

The Shape tool consists of the Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Eclipse, Polygon, Star and Flare Tool. Rectangle tool is used for creating a rectangle or a square shape. Rest of the shape tools are quite similar to the Rectangle tool and will be used in case the Corner Radius (by using the Rounded Rectangle tool), or to change the Radius and side (by using the Polygon tool), or to change the Radius 1 or/and Radius 2 and the vertex of your star (by using the Star tool). Flare gadget is used to make a multi-circular shape with gradient flares.

4. Type Tools

This gadget is mainly used to add text to an Illustrator document. Just click on your selected artboard and start typing or you can also click and drag to create a text box and then begin typing - which will restrict your text to stay within that text box. It comes with further 6 options: -

  • Area Type Tool: It is used to convert any existing shape into a text box and typing can be done inside it.
  • Type on a Path Tool: This tool is use an existing line or shape as a path to type on.
  • Vertical Type Tool: It is used to type text vertically instead of horizontally.
  • Vertical Area Type Tool: It works exactly like area type tool but types vertically instead of horizontally.
  • Vertical Area Type Tool: It works similar to type on a path tool, but types vertically.
  • Touch Type Tool: With this tool, individual letters of an existing text can be selected and moved around.

5. Paintbrush Tool

This gadget is used to make thicker, paint-like strokes that can change the width, shape, and texture of. It creates strokes that are made up of actual lines, which can further be selected using direct select tool to can move around the points and smooth out any curves that aren't quite perfect.

6. Blob Brush Tool

It works like paintbrush tool, but instead of creating lines down the middle of your brushstrokes, it creates a vector shape around the brushstroke.

7. Blend Tool

It's considered as one of the most underrated tools among designers just starting out since it will take some time to get used to. It is not a complicated tool but most of the times people don't know how to use it. It is enormously versatile since it can be harnessed to create repeating shape patterns, color palettes or, as the name implies, color blends between two or multiple objects. You can find it under the Object > Blend submenu, where you can play with its options (Blend Options) and create whatever you are trying to achieve. It is a precise gadget since you can control how many steps (colors or repeating objects) it generates, giving you full control over the way it behaves.

8. Pen Tool

This gadget is the essence of Adobe Illustrator. With the Pen tool, straight or curved lines can be drawn. They are also known as Bezier curves. Drawing Bezier curves is not an easy task and it requires some effort and time. Once you know how to work with Pen tool, it becomes easy for designers to make anything.

9. Add and Delete Anchor Point Tools

Add and Delete anchor point tools plays an important role in having a control to drive a path. Mainly they are used for easily editing paths and Bezier curves. At times, it is required to add some anchor points at the time of re-shaping a path, and also the complexity of a path can be reduced by deleting its unnecessary anchor points.

10. Convert Anchor Point Tools

Convert anchor point gadget is the last option in the pen tool quartet and one of the pleasing gadget that will be used frequently for let's say drawing an icon. With the help of Convert Anchor Point tool its possible change an anchor point where the point can be transformed from corner to smooth, or vice versa.

11. Scale Tool

This gadget would be used when the size of a shape needs to be changed. Specifically, we need this tool to enlarge or shrink the paths of a shape or scale two anchor points to make them symmetrical.

  • Shear Tool: It is used to skew any objects.
  • Reshape Tool: It allows to select multiple anchor points of a shape and can be moved in the same direction.

12. Perspective Tool

This tool is used in making perspective drawings. It allows you to make your drawing look 3D by giving them depth and spatial awareness.

13. Perspective Selection Tool

This tool is used to edit and change around the perspective grid that appears on the artboard. Select the three points that appear on the bottom of the grid and slide them around to adjust the grid.

14. Eyedropper Tool

This tool is to extract or choose any color or gradient or stroke already filled in a shape, line, object, path or image.

15. Measure Tool

It is basically used to measure the distance between the two points when two different areas of your workspace are clicked and dragged. This distance will then show up in the pop-up window for reference.

If you will master the aforesaid listed gadgets and spend quality time practicing them every day, then we guarantee you'll become better at what you do. These are the most used tools by top graphic designers on a daily basis, and they have proven to be the most useful. There are some other gadgets like Slice, Hand, Zoom, Column Graph, Symbol Sprayer, Gradient, Mesh, Shape Builder, Width, Rotate, Eraser, Shaper, Line Segment, Curvature, Magic Wand, Lasso which can be also learned with the help of proper guidance. There are several institutes which are providing short term certificate graphic design courses in Adobe Illustrator which will make you work like a pro in no time. Expert instructors will not only teach you all the tools of Illustrator but you will also learn how to work with layers, create infographics, trace artwork, and use the application's powerful drawing tools to create vector art like a professional.

If you want to learn very basics like how to draw circles and rectangles to creating complex illustrations, logos, business cards etc., then join ADMEC Multimedia Institute, one of the leading Graphic Design Institutes in Rohini where you will master some of the best techniques for doing everything in Illustrator so you can be confident which tool or feature to use in every situation. Adobe Illustrator Master Course will make you learn about design principles, compositional techniques and plenty of best practices taught by industry professionals. For more information regarding this and other graphic design courses, get in touch with our admission counselor at 9911-782-350.

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