13 Travel Tips Everyone Must Have Before Travelling to UAE

by Abdul-Majid Bushr Kanaan Coupon Savvy

Recreations are important in everyone's life. Every person deserves a few days off from his/her work schedule. This charge up the brain to again start with new energy. According to me, traveling can be the best recreation ever. Visiting new places, exploring new cultures, having different cuisines can really make one forget the worries and tensions of life making theme enjoy those few days to its fullest

Nowadays traveling to foreign destinations is becoming a new exciting trend. People are planning trips to the foreign lands and it seems they are enjoying it to its maximum. Traveling to foreign countries sounds exciting but it also requires lots and lots of preparations, arrangements to be made. This may include documents which are very important like passports. This may include some basic medications not because there you won't find medical store but the fact should be kept in mind that there is always long hours of flight journeys on these tours. To avoid jet lags, any medical situations in the flight medicines are the must. Other than documents and medical stuff the required garments according to the weather, proper accessories, enough currency are few of the very necessary things that should be carried while foreign trips.

Traveling to UAE: With passing the United Arab Emirates or UAE is becoming the most visited tourist destination. With all its beauty and features this place attracts many tourists every year. Some of the factors that make it tourists’ favorite holiday destinations are:

        It is both economically and politically developed and stable

        It has beautiful vigorous infrastructure that can provide support for tourism.

        There are various spots and places that can provide immense amusement to the tourists.

        Adventurous activities attract the youth all over the world to visit this place.

        Having unique biodiversity and being the culturally tolerant place it becomes most suitable for planning holidays.

But before just planning a trip there are a few things that the traveler must know before going there so that they can enjoy all the major attractions present out there. The traveler must have a checklist for UAE travel.

  1. UAE has got the best and best man made beautiful wonders. UAE does not have much of natural beauty. To fulfill this gap they excelled in making beautiful man-made wonders. Burj Khalifa is one of them.
  2. While traveling to UAE one must remember that it is a culturally conservative Arabian country. People there follow rules and regulations of the Islamic religion and has got strict laws. One thing should be kept in mind that UAE is not like American or European countries it is a lot different. Wearing decent outfits, no public display of affection and no drinking in public are some of the strict rules that must be followed.
  3. Desert safari must be in the compulsory to do list of the travelers. Dubai is famous for this desert safari and visiting Dubai but not going for the desert safari will keep the trip incomplete. People can also opt for camp dinners or overnight camp safaris. But this sand safari is not for the ones who have a weak heart or some serious medical issues.
  4. It is advisable to visit UAE during the cooler months of November to March. By chance if you are visiting before that you must make sure you have the right clothing, right accessories to get away with scorching heat and hot weather. During the hot summer days, one cannot go out without full sleeve clothes, hat, goggles, high SPF sunscreen.
  5. UAE being mainly the desert land has also some marvelous beaches for the tourist to visit. Abudhabi, Jumeirah beach etc these are few famous among them. These beaches provide the tourists with the most incredible luxurious experience especially the ones which are not free for the public and are private.
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  6. Despite being so religiously active this country is one of the greatest cosmopolitan ones can ever visit. People from around the world live here in utter peace. There is so much of harmonic bond between these people.
  7. The hospitality of this country is beyond description. The luxury the comfort that the tour providers give the tourists is something beyond expectations. UAE has never failed in surprising it's guests and treating them well. The luxury and amusement of the tourists is their real payback.
  8. One of the most interesting things about UAE is that for them Friday and Saturday are weekends unlike us. While planning visits to different places this thing should be importantly kept in mind. But the fun fact is in metro cities malls, clubs all are open on both before and on weekends.
  9. Dubai has got 0% crime ratings and Abu Dhabi is one of the best 25 cities in the world. These places or rather cities have got strict police controls and also the general people usually don't misuse the laws. If one respects their culture and laws they promise to keep them away from any sort of problems.
  10. Women traveling to UAE must remember that UAE has some strict rules for women only. So even if they travel from a country where women have no restrictions they must abide by the rules made for them while they stay.
  11. It is a place that all food lovers actually adore. Being a cosmopolitan country there is a humongous range and variety of food available. Their own cuisine is itself enough though satisfy one's gluttony. The country brings in a chef from around the world to bring the authenticity to the respective cuisines.
  12. If adventure is something that calls you and traveling is just an excuse to satisfy your adrenaline rushes then UAE is where you should visit. Starting from various sea adventures like scuba diving, jet skiing, etc to paragliding, balloon rides everything is Available there. It also has got the best water parks to give the experience of a Lifetime.
  13. The Ferrari theme park is something one cannot miss while one is in UAE. This is so because there is nothing else equal to or in the entire globe. The roller coaster in this park gives the exact feeling of riding a high-speed Ferrari car. It is the world's largest indoor park in the entire world.


Thus if anyone suggests you to not to visit UAE do not pay any heed and obviously, plan a trip to this destination. This is so because with all its features UAE is one of the most famous and most suitable holiday destinations in the whole the Middle East.

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