13 easy ecommerce SEO tips to generate more traffic to your shop

by Richard R. Full Stack PHP developer - shoptech

There are a number of ecommerce seo tips your can implement to optimize your website to generate more traffic—such as by including calls to action and lead capture forms in the right places, providing the information your visitors are seeking, and making navigation easy and intuitive. Your goal when it comes to generating more website traffic is to be driving more qualified visitors to your site. That is, those who are most likely to convert into leads and customers.

These Ecommerce SEO tips are designed to generate traffic to your website to improve your rank which in turn juices more traffic from search engines, social media sites, etc. Although what you want to make sure is that the increase in traffic be associated with an increase in engagement as well. If your traffic is increasing but your conversion rates are decreasing, you’re not bringing in the right traffic. Everything is going to start with generating more and more traffic first.

I have gathered 13 ecommerce SEO tips for you to  easily implement to generate more traffic to your shop

Tip #1. Every ecommerce website should have a sitemap. Install/enable your sitemap and set it to regularly generate and update your content links.

Tip #2. Implement Schema and structured data

For additional resource check out how structured data improves a website ranking in google search

Tip #3. Focus on improving your anchor link text

Tip #4. Make sure your pages are responsive and displays well in both desktop and small devices.

Mobile responsiveness is one of the most important elements of a ecommerce seo to make your website search engine friendly.

Tip #5. Another easy ecommerce SEO tip is to always optimize your images with alt tags.

Tip #6. Do a keyword research, refine it, and do it as often as you need.

Check this additional resource discover your product defining keywords

Tip #7. A well-written product description has the power to move your customers through your sales funnel.

Tip #8. Maintain content freshness for frequent indexing

The main goal of a search engine like Google is to offer the most relevant information based on user-provided search queries.

Tip #9. Improve your page relevancy with your keyword

Tip #10. Work on good site navigation and offer a better way for customers to find your products while in your site

Another thing you can do to improve site navigation tremendously is installing a layered navigation module or extension.

Tip #11. Work on improving website speed. Check and recheck regularly if everything is working and at speed as it should.

Tip #12. Keep publishing contents and pages.

Your frequently updated website offers search engines a haven for fresh content and sources of new information for their search requests. The same reason why a blog have become an essential part of an ecommerce website today!

Tip #13. Create Google My Business to generate more search engine traffic

This is why Google My Business checks out as the best free website traffic generator. It:

Pretty cool stuff!

In conclusion

Getting ecommerce website traffic does not have to cost you monetarily, but it will require effort on your part. However, the effort you put in will equate to the quality of the traffic you generate.

Implement these 13 easy ecommerce SEO tips to generate more traffic to your shop as soon as possible and see your traffic go up.

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