12 tips on how to work from home as a freelance video editor

by Merin Mathew Freelance writer

Looking at the several ‘works from homes’ options, income generating idea of video editing business stands tall. Working practically from anywhere besides the home, only a good lightweight set of hardware and software are required. In addition to the gadgets, one requires skillset and perseverance to start home based business successfully.

Equipment required for a home-based video editing company

1. Computer

2. Editing Software

3. External Hard-drives

4. Camera

5. Lens set

6. Tripod

7. Audio Recorder, if camera’s audio not efficient.

8. Microphone

9. Lighting 

Tips to set up video editing business

1.    Collaborate for projects to start your video editing company- At the very outset of starting any enterprise, no one gets instant clientage, as client base builds with the time. You can contact a known person into the business having huge social media following. There you can offer your video editing services at a paltry price to begin. Slowly, as your work gets to people likes, things will begin to roll for you.

2.    Have samples of work ready online- When looking for work, as a proof of your skill, you need a couple of professional looking short edits that you worked on. You can have few sets of the samples as uncut videos and finished videos for a comparison.

3.    Local Storage- You must keep the hard drives for local storage of the work and clients’ videos & files. The OWC Elite Pro and its subsequent editions, aesthetically match the Apple products, these are foolproof.

4.    Plan for a year- Meticulous planning for each day is important but consider one-year target plan for video editing business. Plan your finances, strategies, social media presence, your equipment, and day-to-day expenses before you start a video editing company.

5.    Watch for your strengths- Stick to what you know and perform best. Work on those ‘unique selling points’ (USPs) and make your clients know about them. May be beside your video editing expertise, the clients can use your filmmaking skills.

6.    Train to Develop- Consider some personal development. Get training to improve your skills, look for some online training school. Even a job can be very educative. The digital industry is changing rapidly, so stay updated whatever method you apply to remain in touch.

7.    Referral biz- If you satisfy one client, you can add up a client through that satisfied customer who would refer you. This way you would grow faster in video editing business.

8.    Handy file-sharing- When working remotely, the producer transfers the files. You should also be equipped with file-transferring tools to transfer file, this will make your video editing company more efficient.

9.    Fast work- Any producer would happily extend more business when he gets the delivery fast. This is the guarantee of repeat business.

10.    Track time- Quote after getting the idea as this will help you to quote fast as you would know how long it takes to do edits.

11.    Organize by labeling- Like every good editor, you must stick a label on the folder, sent to the hard drive.

12.    Use Vimeo- Use Vimeo plus account to upload videos. The client can easily download videos by accessing Vimeo.


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