12 Reasons Why You Should Choose Schools with School Bus Services

by BHS Mukundapur Team Best CBSE School in Kolkata

School buses are one of the most common sights we see every morning. Painted in yellow and bustling with happy and smiling kids, we all have some memory associated with them.


From a very long time school buses are the most preferred mode of commute for students and parents globally choose their services. However, in the recent years with increase in the number of privately owned vehicles especially in cities, the popularity of school bus services has declined.


However, with more and more people opting for an environmentally safe living their use is increasing. Today, even big cities, parents look out for schools that offer secured transportation services over the ones which do not. Listed below are 12 reasons why you should be going for school buses and not your personal vehicle to drop your kid off to school.


12 advantages of school transport


1. Never late for school- This is one of the biggest advantages of a school bus. They are almost never late and hence, save you and your child a lot of hassles in the morning. There is a set time for pick up and drop which also teaches children how to manage time and be punctual. Contrary to this, if you use a personal mode of commute, managing the timing especially in crowded cities with all the traffic can be very tricky.


2. Buses come with GPS tracking- This is another great advantage these days, more so because of the increase in crime rates. School buses now come with GPS enabled trackers that allow you to monitor its movement right from the comfort of your office or home. These operate via mobile apps that give accurate location details. This peace of mind in today‚Äôs time in priceless. One of the best CBSE school in Kolkata has such school buses.


3. Children make many new friends- Unlike personal commute; school buses have many children of different ages plying together. When kids travel in buses, they not only make new friends but also learn how to be more compassionate, respect others, share things with each other become more polite etc.


4. Children learn to manage their belongings- This is another important aspect of travelling in shared school buses. Kids learn to take care of their personal things like bags, bottles etc. This helps them in their overall development and well-being and makes them a responsible and independent individual.


5. Reduced numbers of vehicles on road- Other than the above mentioned benefits, school buses have a great impact in reducing vehicle load on roads in addition to decreasing pollution levels. Since, a school bus carries many children from an area; it automatically reduces the number of cars that would be otherwise dropping off kids to the school.


6.  Reduced rate of road accident- According to reports, the number of road accidents associated with school bus is significantly lower as compared to any other mode of transport. Choosing one is definitely going to ensure better safety for your child.

Summing up, if you were in two minds about whether or not to choose a school that offers bus services, then these 6 reasons would help you decide better. There is no replacement to safe commute for your child and many school buses come with GPS trackers to ensure top notch safety.

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