10 Ways to be Successful online in Dubai - Advanced Digital Marketing Tips


Oh no, not yet another list of tips on how to be successful online. Haven't we seen these lists so many times before??

We probably have and it doesn't matter if we have seen them before because if you are reading this blog then it means that you probably didn't learn anything valuable from those other tips.

So why should you read this blog when those other blogs with the amazing tips and tricks didn't give you any secret formula that you could use to become a super internet guru.

Because you can't have too much knowledge and the tips below are the best in the world ( sarcasm )

1. Make sure to choose the right partners

The first useful information that we believe every digital marketer should be conscious of of in the Gulf online marketing culture is accepting the surroundings, especially while picking partners. Your business partnership should be based on the commercial alliance that defines a long-lasting relationship. While local partners can be appealing at first, many Gulf businesses would start just immediately know there is a unfamiliar company at the doors and leech off your resources. Always be informed while picking a partner and make sure they align with your commercial agendas.


2. Spice up the conversation

Keep your procedure of engagement intensed with your partners. Arabs prefer business terms with people they already know so make sure you speak freely with passion. Keep some start off conversation stories in your arsenal as well.


3. You have to able to say a few words in Arabic to break the ice.

Learn a few fundamental Arabic words to break the ice. Gulf Arabs share language as a form of understanding and what better than words establish a bond with your partner. Such efforts are treasured highly even if they don’t get pronounced perfectly.


4. Le the right people do the right things

Hiring a professional mediator can be a wise decision if you lack the support of an authoritative friend or a business partner. They can help you find the right person in the operation to open business strings instead of wasting your time on solo battles.


5. Understand the power of patience in Dubai

Preserve your patience. The Gulf flourish on this morality and its best that you adjust to it. Many business decisions can take days even weeks to process so manifest as much tolerance you can and everything will seem easy.


6. Strong and stable body language

Keep your body language harmonized with your wording. Meeting with business decision-makers and partners will be procedure in the Gulf so make sure your comportment, facial appearences, and hand motions do not offend the locals in any way.


7. Understand the uniqueness of Dubai's trendy language terms

Understanding Arab analogies, terms, stories, and expressions, is part of the deal. This is not a manipulative approach to irritate you, but on the opposite, they are means to connect with your business goals so take these terms seriously and respond to them with angle.


8. Use more voice than text communication

Have you ever heard about the devastation, that caused by a “Break Up” text? There is a reason textual coms are frowned upon. But they are despised for the obvious reasons. Important information that concerns your partners cannot be expressed through words. Use a phone call at least or go in person to settle the issues.


9. Generosity is a good sign of friendship in Dubai

A small gift can be, the warm notion of friendship and respect. You don’t have to announce it, just bring it as a surprise and present it to the host. Since most technology-related things are already available in the UAE, how about a cultural gift such as a vase or a locally woven cloth. Make sure they represent top quality.


10. Stand your ground in terms of negotiations

Be tough, yet respectful. It’s a difficult combination to score but it helps in every foreign environment if you get the swing of it. In the Gulf, haggling is part of hitting a bargain. You need to make your stance clear without offending your Arab partners, so give them a short note on how you like to deal with them stealthy while introducing yourself. I normally prefer stories to inject my motives.

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