10 Signs That Your Marriage is Falling Apart

by Olvia F. Freelance writer

Sometimes it is so hard for women to believe that their partner does not like them, that even on obvious grounds they refuse to understand it. At the same time, they are constantly searching for signs of love and, if they do not, they invent. The sooner you take off your pink glasses and realize that love is gone or not at all, the sooner you will be happy in the relationship - if not with this man, then with another. But for this you need to look not for signs of love, but to look carefully for signs of dislike.

So, your husband doesn't love you if

He talks about it openly or with hints. A man can tell you, "You just don't fall in love with me", which means that he is not in love with himself and does not plan to feel feelings for you. He can also say that he has already lost his temper and will not be able to fall in love. He may say, "I have the most tender feelings for you." It's not all about love, and don't even hope it ever comes. If you love him and it is important for him to love each other, get away from him.

He betrays you. Most with a loved one are monogamous. He has nothing to betray if he loves. He doesn't even look at others because there is no other sweetheart among others. There are men who are addicted to sex, it is important for them to have sex from different women. In doing so, they can love one. But there are few such men, firstly, and secondly, they often talk openly about their love for many women, and even immediately offer a free relationship where both partners could have another. Then it's up to you to decide if you need the love of such a man. If your lover convinces you that all men are polygamous, do not try to convince him. Go, he doesn't love you.

Treats you carelessly. Your husband can tell you how much he loves you, but at the same time, he does not care about your safety when you have anal sex. Or it may say something offensive about your favorite work. She talks to you about other women, especially if she is not being compared to you. Or after you have said that some of his actions are very unpleasant for you, he continues to do so, saying: "Sorry, I'm such a scoundrel, you will not remake me. But I love you!" Does not love, do not delude yourself.

Doesn't call you. If a person does not call you on a business trip, does not find a call during the day to wish you a good morning or a good night's sleep, or to find out about your well-being when you have said you are ill, do not justify his forgetfulness with employment. The enamored man, even when busy, does not forget to call.

Does not keep his promises. If he promised to do something for you and didn't do it, then it doesn't matter to him. It is not necessary to justify this deception and believe that it is busy, forgotten or has no opportunity. If he forgets regularly or doesn't have the opportunity, then he just doesn't love you too much. Break off a relationship with a man you are not so important to turn your words into.

He doesn't ask for your hand, even though he knows you want him married. If a man in all your allusions says that the stamp on the passport is not the main thing, although you have been living together for several years, get away from him. Even if he loved you in the beginning of a relationship, now his love is gone, and he has a habit with you.

He is not your husband. If you are in a love triangle, the husband is married and does not leave his wife, do not believe in his love. Take responsibility for your decision.  Remember that you do not have to stay in a love triangle. Ask him to make a choice: file for divorce in Utah or saving marriage and move one from that relationships. He does not love you so much as to sacrifice his comfort. Go. Men who dislike should go away once you have understood what they liked. In this case, it is likely that he will miss you and his love will flare up with its former strength or become greater if it is missing. While continuing to be in a relationship that you do not like, you should not expect that a deep feeling will emerge from affection and habit.

Doesn't have sex with you. If your husband does not desire to see you without underwear regularly, it does not matter whether his work consumes all his energy, whether it is seasonal, or he is more interested in computer games. If he loved you, he would somehow deal with this problem. And so he just doesn't love you the way he used to. There are men who love and want their wives for many years.

This is certainly a great merit for women who are able to maintain the fire of love in relationships. But if the fire of love starts to fade, the need for a man to have sex with his partner usually goes out first.

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